Nikolai Tatarnic
Planetary Biodiversity Inventory: Plant Bugs
Nikolai Tatarnic Nikolai Tatarnic, MSc

Ph.D. Candidate

Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Research
Australian Museum
6 College Street
Sydney NSW 2010 Australia

[email protected]

PBI Role Professional Experience Personal Statement

PhD Student: generic revision of Halticini with monographs of the genera Coridromius and Halticus.

For my Masters degree I studied the phylogeny and behaviour of the Mictini (Heteroptera: Coreidae), a tribe of tropical leaf-footed bugs from the Old-World tropics, characterized by elaborate sexual dimorphism.

I am grateful that I have been accepted into the PBI project. I look forward to continuing my studies of phylogenetic systematics within the Heteroptera, as well as applying my experiences in the study of sexual selection to the Phylinae and Orthotylinae.

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