Planetary Biodiversity Inventory: Plant Bugs
PI Schuh's presentation at the NSF workshop in Florida, USA 2007 Florida, USA, April 2007

PI Schuh, Co-PI Cassis, Senior Scientist Schwartz and Collaborating Scientist Weirauch all attended the National Science Foundations Planterary Biodiversity Inventory Workshop. This provided a great opportunity for all NSF PBI project participants to share their achievements and findings. It was also a great opportunity for the Plant Bug PBI team to meet as well.

Luzern, Switzerland 2006 Luzern, Switzerland, July 2006

The PBI meeting in Switzerland was a great opportunity for all PBI participants to present and discuss their results.

Wageningen, The Netherlands, July 2006 Wageningen, The Netherlands, July 2006

The PBI team meet whilst at the International Heteropterist Society Conference, view their presentations here.

Sydney 2004 Sydney, Australia, August/September 2004 - Slide Show

Movie Sydney, Australia, August/September 2004 - Video
In this video clip PBI participants are being trained in plant bug identification techniques, Australian Museum, Sydney Australia, August 2004.

The meeting in Sydney involved discussing project initiatives, current achievements, taking 2 field trips in the local Sydney area and extensive training and identification.

Brisbane 2004 Brisbane, Australia, August 2004

In Brisbane, the PBI participants attended the XXII International Congress of Entomology. This allowed the team to present their project and dissertation findings.

New York City 2003 New York City, USA, August 2003

The meeting in New York City was a great opportunity for PBI team participants to get together, discuss the direction of the project, and determine responsibilities of individual participants.

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