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Planetary Biodiversity Inventory: Plant Bugs
Project Description

Poster of the Plant Bug Planetary Biodiversity Inventory Project: This poster provides a great summary of the Plant Bug PBI project and includes some of our achievements to date.

Find out more about our newest contributing institution: The University of New South Wales

Project Databases

SYSTEMATIC CATALOG: The underlying database and user interface have been updated and improved form ease of use as well as increased query power and speed.

               >>Go to the Systematic Catalog

DIGITAL LIBRARY: Nearly 25,000 pages of primary literature dealing with the Orthotylinae and Phylinae are now available on line. They are accessed through the Plant Bugs of the World Systematic Catalog.

               >>Find out more about the Digital Library

LOCALITY DATABASE AND ONLINE MAPPING: Locality data for ca 75,000 specimens representing 200+ species from 5500 localities are currently online via the Systematic Catalog. Maps for these taxa can be produced online and downloaded.

               >>Find out more about the Locality Database

IMAGE DATABASE, TAXON TREATMENTS AND DISTRIBUTION MAPS: You can view new images, locality data and specimen information from our locality database via Discover Life:

News & Outputs

FIELD TRIPS: Since the last website update we have added maps of PBI field trips to date, and our latest field trip to South Africa.

               >>View the slideshows here

PRESENTATIONS: More presentations have been given in North America following invitations.

               >>View the presentation slideshows and notes here

PUBLICATIONS: The PBI team has been productive describing new species.

               >>View the publication references here

Public Outreach

Continue to learn about Plant Bugs with the Scholastic interactive website set-up in conjunction with the American Museum of Natural History and our PBI team.

               >>Link to these great resources here


               >>Go to Acknowledgements   To view the people and institutions who have assisted the Plant Bug PBI project.

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