Michael Schwartz
Planetary Biodiversity Inventory: Plant Bugs
Michael Schwartz Michael Schwartz, Ph.D.

c/o Biodiversity Theme

ECORC, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
960 Carling Avenue
K. W. Neatby Building
Ottawa ON K1A 0C6 Canada

[email protected]
+1 613 759 1831

PBI Role Professional Experience Personal Statement

Michael Schwartz is a Senior Scientist for the PBI Project and is primarily responsible for taxonomic research on the key genus Orthotylus, a cosmopolitan "garbage" group in which reside an unrealistically large number of orthotyline species. Currently the genus contains 286 species and has 15 generic synonyms. Providing a true delineation of this genus will facilitate our hypotheses of biogeographic and host plant evolution. Michael will help integrate the information pertaining to the orthotyline subfamily and assist with the completion of research on select groups of phyline plant bugs.

An Oregon State University connection links several of the senior scientists involved in the PBI. Michael Schwartz completed a MS degree, under the direction of J. D. Lattin from that institution and first met R. T. Schuh in Corvallis during a work-shop course on plant bug systematics. After completion of his masters work Schwartz continued studying plant bug systematics at the American Museum of Natural History with Toby Schuh, completing a PhD degree, and then resettled in Ottawa where he held a position with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Previous to working on PBI Michael has devoted much of his research time to the Mirinae, the largest subfamily of plant bugs, on a worldwide basis. Mirinae contains several plant bugs species of agricultural importance. Michael has collaborated and worked in the field with all of the PBI Senior Scientists.

Working with your friends and colleagues, providing expertise and guidance to a new group of systematists from around the world, traveling to collect new taxa in exotic places, and making the results of our efforts available over the web through the use of cutting-edge tools is a researchers dream come true.

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