Dan A. Polhemus
Planetary Biodiversity Inventory: Plant Bugs
Dan A. Polhemus Dan A. Polhemus, PhD

Division of Aquatic Resources
Department of Land and Natural Resources

1151 Punchbowl Street, Room 330
Honolulu, HI 96813

[email protected]

PBI Role Professional Experience Personal Statement

Dan A. Polhemus is a Collaborating Scientist for the PBI Project. His expertise with the Hawaiian fauna will help the project improve knowledge and coverage for this extensive island radiation in the subfamily Orthotylinae, the significance of which has only become clear beginning in the 1990s.

Dan Polhemus is the Adminsitrator for the Division of Aquatic Resources, Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources. He has done extensive field work in Hawaii, studying primarily Odonata and Heteroptera. His publications on species placed in the genus Orthotylus for the first time make clear to real diversity in this group and meticulously document of the host associations of scores of taxa.

Collaborating with the PBI project will facilitate improvement of our knowledge of the Hawaiian Miridae biota and provide visibility to data arguing for the need to protect this diverse but threatened biota.

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