From the Kitchen and Campfires of Tom and Ann Rothe

Molé of Goose

breast halves of one goose
3 lb. butter
3 cup minced green pepper
3 cup minced almonds
ground cinnanom/clove spice mix
2-3 bars of chocolate
2 cup grapefruit rind
1 cup cream

Sauté goose breast halves in 4 TBS butter 10 minutes until cooked. In a separate step, lightly sauté minced green pepper, almonds, and ground cinnamon/clove spices in the remaining butter. Add chocolate bars and grapefruit rind, stirring until blended. Add 1 cup cream and heat through. Pour the mixture over the goose breasts and simmer for a few minutes. Serve goose and sauce, garnished with sesame seeds. Spanish rice is a fine accompaniment.

From: Mary Land’s Louisiana Cookery, (1954) LSU Press.

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