Favorites of the Hudson Bay Project

Alexander Dzubin is as good a cook as teacher.

He knows when to work and when not to.

Favorite Links (verified 12/18/02))

Geof Guja - lost on 911/01 but not forgotten

White Goose Collar Observation Project - the name says it all

Projet d'observation de colliers des oies blanches - but this time in french!

Great White Bear Tours - for those who haven't seen enough of them

Hudson Bay Helicopters - research and life support at La Perouse Bay

Great Slave Helicopters - the only way to travel in the north

Churchill Northern Studies Centre - science and education support in Churchill

James Bay Island Bird Survey - check here before you bird there

Division of Migratory Bird Management - lots of good information

Northern Prairie Science Center - one of the best of its type

Darwin Awards - making the world a safer place

Central Flyway - good guys who have worked with us for a long time

The Goose Site - the name says it all

Wapusk National Park - home away from home

Birding in the US and Abroad - just about everything you need

Duck Identification System - just in case you can't on your own

GooseRef - the wild goose bibliographic search engine by Evan Cooch

MATLAB - simply the best modeling and analysis language around

American Museum of Natural History - research page

Nunavut handbook - learn a bit about First Nations

- a source of sanity for some of us


One of the primary recommendations for reducing the size of the mid-continent population of lesser snow geese is to increase the hunter harvest. Part of doing this is to let the rest of the folks know just how good properly prepared snow goose can be. To us, the simplest way to do this is to provide a listing of your favorite snow goose recipes. If you will send them to us electronically, we will compile the list and place it here on the Hudson Bay Project site.

Give us a title for your recipe and include all the details for preparing it (assume some of us have a hard time with hard-boiled eggs). Please make sure you include your name and your email address and whether you want it included in the listing.

Email your recipe to [email protected] .

It is that simple to help reduce the population and save the fragile coastal tundra ecosystem.


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