• Field Work. Field work for the C. E. A. was suspended this year to concentrate upon studying and preparation of specimens secure in the previous 2 years. Barnum Brown continued work in the fossil quarries of Samos and secured a large and valuable collection. He shipped 56 boxes to New York. From May to July Dr. Wm. D. Matthew, with Messers. G. G. Simpson and C. Falkenbach collected fossil mammals in the Blanco and associated formations in northern Texas. Their most important find was a new horse intermediate between Pliohippus and Equus, called Plesippus. Fossil camels, 3-toed horses and mastodons were also found In Aug. and Sept. Simpson and Falkenbach commenced work in the Santa Fe basin of New Mexico and were later joined by Mr. Joseph Rak. They were fortunate to find a fine skeleton of Hemicyon.