• Excerpts from Wm. D. Matthew's Annual Report. Dr. C. C. Mook was appointed from June 1st to take the position of Associated Curator. Additions to collections. Mr. E. C. Swabey of Rochester, IN, has kept watch during the year for discoveries of Pleistocene mammals in central Indiana, and has secured for the museum 2 good mastodon jaws and other material. The Museum purchased from Charles H. Sternberg a fine skull and considerable part of the skeleton of a large horned dinosaur, probably a new genus, from New Mexico. The museum has agreed to purchase 2 other specimens from the same formation. Assoc. Curator Mook and Mr. Peter Kaisen visited the San Juan fossil field in Sept. to examine these and other specimens and report on the desirability of further exploration in this area. Two pterodactyl skeletons from the Jurassic lithographic limestone of Bavaria were purchased; one is short tailed and the other is long tailed. Field Work. Assoc. Curator Granger , in charge of paleontology for the Third Asiatic Expedition, spent the winter of 1921-22 in Sze-chuan, China, where he secured a large collection of fossil mammals considered to be Upper Pliocene in age. During the summer Mr. Granger took charge of the paleontology on the Andrews expedition through Mongolia. The most important specimens were complete skeletons of small dinosaurs and the skull of Baluchitherium. Assoc. Curator Barnum Brown was engaged during the year upon field work in the Siwalik Tertiary formations of India, where he secured a splendid collection. This expedition was carried upon a special fund provided through the generosity of Mrs. Henry Clay Frick. Head preparator Albert Thomson spent 5 months in western Nebraska, chiefly in the Snake Creek quarries, and he secured a large collection from the lower Sheep Creek zone and a smaller one from the upper Snake Creek zone. The material is mainly fragmentary and includes many mammals, including many new species and probably new genera. Preparator George Olsen with Mr. Paul C. Miller of Chicago University made a short Trip to the Bridger Basin of Wyoming. They secured a small but valuable collection, mainly fossil mammals from the Middle Eocene Bridger Fm., including a partial skeleton of Tillotherium , skeletons of creodonts and other interesting mammals. This work was carried upon a special fund provided by Mr. Child Frick. Mr. Frick also continued during the year the further exploration of the Pliocene horizon near Eden, CA, by Mr. Rak. During the summer Mr. Frick and Dr. Matthew, with Mr. H. J. Cook, made a reconnoissance trip across the Tertiary section between Hat Creek, NE and Pawnee Buttes, CO. An interesting Miocene pocket near Pawnee Buttes were tapir and bear remains new to this horizon were found.