• Excerpts from Wm. D. Matthew's Annual Report. Mr. Erwin Christman died in the prime of life. He had been connected with the Museum since boyhood. Field Work. The Snake Creek fossil quarries in western Nebraska were worked during the summer by a party in charge of Albert Thomson. A large collection was made, mostly fragmentary, but containing a series of 15 skulls of Carnivora, 3-toed horses, camels, ruminants, etc., a crocodile skull and several shells of turtles. Altogether some 40 or 50 different kinds of animals were collected, some of them new to science. Associated Curator Walter Granger left for China in May to join the Asiatic Expedition as paleontologist. His report indicated that this year he has mainly been busy in organization and reconnoissance work. Associated Curator Barnum Brown rejoined the staff in August and has been engaged in reconnoissance work in Greece, Asia Minor and India, as a preliminary to search for fossil mammals.