• The expedition to the Agates Springs Quarry, Sioux Co., NE, by Albert Thomson. On June 13 Mr. Thomson and Mr. George Olsen left the museum for the field, arriving at Agate on June 16th. Mrs. Thomson joined the party about a week later, as cook for the entire season. Their first task was to section off the NE end of the old quarry down to the bone level. Again they secured much Diceratherium material and some good Moropus specimens. However they did not find any Dinohyus material. 13 boxes weighing 4510 pounds was secured. On Nov 1st they closed the season. Excerpts from Wm. D. Mathew's Annual Report. The staff was reduced due to resignations and other cause from 21 to 15. Mr. Adam Hermann retired after nearly 30 years of service. Associate Curator Barnum Brown was absent during practically all the year and not technically carried on the Museum roll.