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My dear Walter,

Your letter No.2 to hand. Glade to hear you are making so auspicious a beginning in the Wasatch. Of course any comparisons with the Big Horn collection must keep in mind that that collection was the research of three years work of strong, lastly?. If the fossil ferous (?) in Mr. M. are extensive enough, you may get a good deal from them; at all events the main thing will be to determine how far the furma(?) is identical and what its relations are.

I have been going over the "Palaenoson(?)" and Palaeosinopa material, with the research that the (?) must be put in a new genus, although apparently in Arctocyonidae rather than Miacidae. There are two distinct species, one (the skeleton) nearer to Miacidae than the other (all jaw specimens). It is an interesting link between the two families, and confirms their near relationship. The Palaeosinopa material includes three clearly separable species, two new; the Wind River species appear to be distinct, or at least mutations.

Thomson is still held here by Cairus?, but hopes to get away next week. He is working on the Notharctus?. We will have to restore and mount two skeletons, one being a little smaller than the other; the smaller one has jaws, fragments of skull, good limbs, parts of feet, incomplete vertebral senies? and a few ribs; the larger one a weathered skull, jaws, broken limbs, good feet, incomplete vertebral (?) and a few ribs. We can piece out both a little from other specimens, but not very much. The genus appears so closely with modern Lemus skeleton that it will be easy to cast from the lathe? to supply parts; the skulls are widely different, although greatly from comparison of skull only came to the conclusion that Notharctus was decidedly lemoroid rather than anthropoid.

Christinan is cleaning up Pachyaena, and trying to get together and restore the fragmentary skull.

Osborn left for Europe last Tuesday, Lucas on Friday, and I am officially absent (except after 5 p.m.) during July and August. Hope to get some research work completed during that time on Trap? horses for H.T.O.

Wishing you good luck and good weather


W. D. Matthews

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