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Dear D. Matthew:

Your reply of my letter No.2 received a few days ago. Since my first letter from here we have been working in nearly the same (?) although we have moved camp away distance.

I think this is the very heart of the Wasatch exposures and for that reason have wanted and wish it our fairly well this reason. I expect and move to Ojo San Jose in a day or two now.

Its an up held flight selling much of a collection from here, a few spots here have been fairly rich but for the most part the finds are (?). We have two more parts of Coryphodon skulls - one with jaw and a fair assortment of overall things including several good creodont jaws - The collection number 60 specimens and date with a quantity of numbered material.

There are some new things I think including a (?) and a queer Pelycodus like beast. Hyopsodus is represented by two or three species including a badly crushed skull and jaws with five teeth. There is a beautiful jaw of bay (?) jaws and a pair of jaws of a tiny (?) Hyaeuodout. Good jaws - one with upper teeth of Oxyaena and several specimens of Miaeids also a jaw of Palaeosinopa.

The only specimens of Meuiseotherium. I have seen some from the brick red strata high up and I am wondering if this level is not contemporary with the Lost Cabin. We shall have a hetho chance on these upper beds on San Jose and will make an effort to fit as much material from there as possible in the (?) of determining this point. The deposition in continue so far as I can make out. The same as in the Bighorn Basin.

We are having excellent weather - almost to cool, and plenty of rain. I'm surprised to find the country so pleasant and lush in, but it may not be so good when we (?) around into the Torrejon. There is one thing certain - an automobile has no business in here and if the conditions are the same every summer as they are then there is no necessarily for one.

I should like to join the Wasatch between here and (?) a good search, then skim through the Torrejon and perhaps to Puerco and return to Chama about the 10th or 15th of August and thus have plenty of time to finish up the Big Horn before cold weather, thus next season we can microscope the region. Does this plan meet with for approval? There is a lay area of Wasatch between here and the San Juan Ruin which is (?) in small patches only and it will take some time to level it all over - more time than I could (?) this far I think.

Will you please have $200 placed to my credit and I should like to have $50 of this sent out to me or Cuba by registered mail (sealed) - say two 20 and a 10. I think it will be perfectly safe. I may not need it but this is such an out of the way place that I might have difficulty getting cash if I did need it.

Every thing runs very smoothly in the outfield. (?) finds all of the Coryphodon and I got most of the other things. The Coryphodon (?) has followed me from Wyoming. I've already found what had been two fine skulls of jaws - one with large (?) skeletons. Eohippus is as abundant, relatively, as in the Big Horn. No (?).

I'm particularly glad then that Caerin(?) is releasing Thomson on last.

Very Sincerely yours,

Walter Granger

Please give my regards (?) Herrman and tell him that if Jack (?) took (?) through in fine shape.


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