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Corixidea sp undet cz Knyshov, 2018 (Schizopteridae)




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PANAMA Corixidea sp undet cz coordinates

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PBI USI Country State Division Locality Sex Type Status Elevation(m) GPS Coordinate Host Collection_Date Collector Inst. Code Created By
UCR_ENT 00094176  PANAMA  Bocas del Toro    2 km WSW Chiriqui Grande  1 Adult sex unknown      8.94583; -82.13694    06 Aug 1999  J.B. Woolley  TAMU  Knyshov, Alexander 
UCR_ENT 00026682  PANAMA  Canal Zone    Loma Boracho  1 Adult sex unknown      ;     23 Oct 1951  F. S. Blanton  USNM  Knyshov, Alexander 
UCR_ENT 00093410  PANAMA  Panama    Parque Nacional Soberanía, Madden Forest Road  1 Adult sex unknown      9.08056; -79.62417    20 Jul 1999  A. Gillogly & J.B. Woolley  TAMU  Knyshov, Alexander 
UCR_ENT 00094200  PANAMA  Panama    Veraguas, 8 km W Santa Fe, Cerro Tute  1 Adult sex unknown    914  8.50722; -81.11361    24 Jul 1999  J. B. Woolley  TAMU  Knyshov, Alexander 
UCR_ENT 00094181  PANAMA  Veraguas    RB Serrania del Tute 9km W. Santa Fe  1 Adult sex unknown    900  8.51861; -81.11667    25 Jul 1999  J. B. Woolley  TAMU  Knyshov, Alexander 
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