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Heteroptera Species Pages

(For example: stysi; sinuatum; thomasii or thom)                                             
  True bugs (Heteroptera) are among the largest groups of insects with gradual metamorphosis, and are exceeded in species numbers only by the truly immense groups with complete metamorphosis such as beetles, flies, butterflies, and bees and their relatives. Few groups of insects parallel the true bugs in their amazing diversity of appearance and life habits, which range from minuscule ground-dwelling species less than 1mm in length to gigantic 110 mm long water bugs. True bugs are found in most major habitats, with some of the very few truly marine insect species being part of this group. The feeding strategies of true bugs are as diverse as their habitats, comprising predatory forms feeding mainly on other insects, but also plant sap suckers and even parasites feeding on vertebrate blood.
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