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Diolcus irroratus (Fabricius, 1775) (Scutelleridae)




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USA Diolcus irroratus coordinates

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PBI USI Country State Division Locality Sex Type Status Elevation(m) GPS Coordinate Host Collection_Date Collector Inst. Code Created By
UDCC_TCN 00018494  USA  Florida  Broward  Sunrise, Markham Park  1 Adult sex unknown      26.12610; -80.36019    28 Nov 1997  Mark. D. Phipps  UDCC  Schaeffer, Drew 
NCSUNCSU 00069954  USA  Florida  Monroe  Cape Sable  1 Adult Male      25.27277; -81.12138    23 Feb 1919  W. S. B. [W. S. Blatchley]  NCSU  Blinn, Melissa 
NCSUNCSU 00067676  USA  Florida  Pinellas  Dunedin  1 Adult Female      28.00000; -82.00000    20 Dec 1917  W. S. B. [W. S. Blatchley]  NCSU  Blinn, Melissa 
UMAM_ENT 00006280  USA  Mississippi  Jackson  Horn Island, Gulf Islands National Seashore  1 Adult sex unknown      30.23333; -88.71666    27 Oct 1944  Unknown  UMAM  Baker, Kayla 
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