• The Scarritt Expedition to Patagonia, generously financed by Mr. Horace S. Scarritt, under the leadership of George Gaylord Simpson left New York Sept. 9th He was accompanied by Mr. Coleman Williams, as assistant. They arrived in Buenos Aires and plan to proceed by motor truck to northern Patagonia and spend the summer season (until April 1934) in exploring an area that has previously visited only by Argentinean collectors. A recent letter from Dr. Simpson reports that he has discovered over 100 skulls and partial skulls of mammals and a fine collection of penguin bones. Cretaceous dinosaur work was continued through limited expedition to Wyoming, South Dakota and Montana. Barnum Brown left the museum Aug. 1st and expected to return in November. Near Harlowtown, MT, a rare discovery was made, a small carnivorous dinosaur, adult in age. It is approximately 30 inches in length and 15 inches high. The main objective this year was to remove the heavy sandstone covering of the large herbivorous dinosaur skeletons in the Cloverly Fm discovered in 1932, in preparation for excavating in 1934.