• Among notable accessions this department has acquired the major part of a large Jurassic sauropod, Barosaurus, the body from the University of Utah and part of the tail from Carnegie Museum. The neck of this specimen was collected by The National Museum. The entire skeleton is approximately 74 feet. The C. A. E. to Mongolia, during 1930, collected in beds of Pliocene, Oligocene and Eocene age and secured 66 large cases of specimens. The Scarritt-Patagonian Expedition sailed to South America on Aug. 8th and at the close of the year had already secured a notable collection from the Paleocene Notostylops beds. An expedition to the basal Triassic beds of Arizona secured a partial skeleton of a reptile representing a new order ancestral to the dinosaurs and the phytosaurs. Mr. Childs Frick sent out 6 expeditions to the late Tertiary and Quaternary beds of California, New Mexico, Nebraska, Alaska and Ecuador, securing 121 cases of fossils.