• A Pleistocene elephant skull, Palaeoloxodon antiquus was purchased from Pignataro, Italy. A large collection of small mammal jaws and limb bones were secured from the Phosphorites of Quercy, France. 38 cases mostly mammal skull, jaws and partial skeleton arrived from the C. A. E. They had been prepared in Peking. An expedition to the Jurassic beds of Utah located two dinosaur skeleton, a Brontosaurs and a Diplodocus. A second expedition found another Brontosaurs and an unknown type of carnivorous dinosaur, making 4 skeletons marked for future excavation. An expedition to the Puerco beds of New Mexico secured 200 identifiable specimens mainly mammal, but with a mountable skeleton of a rare crocodile. Mr. Childs Frick's expeditions to New Mexico, Texas and Nebraska have secured additional large collections from the Pliocene deposits. Mr. Frick also sponsored an expedition to Alaska in cooperation with the Alaska College, obtained a large collection of Pleistocene mammals, including a series of 25 skulls of Bison crassicornis. This material was secured through the courtesy of the United States Smelting, Refining and Mining Company.