• A report of a large sauropod discovered in southern Utah was investigated by Wortman. It was found to be in to poor a state to be worth collecting. The outfit that wintered in Dakota, Mr. Gedney and horses joined Mr. Peterson near Hay Springs NE and later were joined by Wortman; they worked here till May 1st. Uintatherium Beds traveled to the Washakie basin on the head waters of the Bitter Creek, were the party came down with "mountain fever", but collected many mammals. Towards the end of June water became so scarce they headed for the Bridger Basin, just north of the Uintah Mts., near Fort Bridger. Camps were established on Henry's Fork, July 3rd, near Lone Tree P. O. The party worked here for 2 months then moved to the following camps: Big Bone Mountain, Dry Creek, Spanish John's Meadow, Twin Buttes, Sage Creek, Smith Fork and finally Fort Bridger. The Bridger expedition broke up on Oct., 15th. Upon disbanding the party, Wortman and Mr. Gidley returned to the museum. Mr. Peterson was sent with the team and Tom Nelson, driver, across the Uintah Mts. to Utah. The beds lie on either side of the White River. He had a permit to work the Uintah Reservation but the best beds were on the Uncompahgre Reservation, and was having problems getting permits.