AMNH Websites:
AMNH public website Details of galleries, temporary exhibits, public programs, etc.
AMNH research website Links to other science department websites at AMNH
AMNH library website Information on the Museum's library, archives, and publications
Richard Gilder Graduate School The website for the Museum's graduate school, including information on the AMNH's PhD program in Comparative Biology
Professional Societies:
Society of Vertebrate Paleontology  
"We Are SVP" (movie)
Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections
Natural Science Collections Alliance  
Other museums with large paleontology collections:
National Museum of Natural History The Natural History Museum
Field Museum of Natural History Natural History Museum of Los Angeles Co.
Peabody Museum of Natural History Museum of Vertebrate Paleontology
Royal Tyrrell Museum Florida Museum of Natural History
Other Sites of Interest:
The Paleontology Portal  

Agate Fossil Beds

Dinosaur National Monument

John Day Fossil Beds