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Science Computing Advisory

Gelonia Dent, PhD

Manager, Scientific Computing
Phone: (212) 313-7911
Fax: (212) 769-5007
Email: gdent@amnh.org

Dr. Dent is responsible for managing the high-performance computing systems for the Science Division. This includes strategic planning and development towards expanding the facility, software application maintenance, forecast planning, grant writing and HPC training. She also engages in research applications of fluid dynamics, teaching and mentoring.

Mordecai-Mark Mac Low, PhD

Curator, Department of Astrophysics &
Chair, Division of Physical Science
Phone: 212-496-3443
Fax: (212) 769-5007
Email: mordecai@amnh.org

Dr. Mac Low serves as an advisor for the HPC facilities development and expansion. His research group is heavily involved in computational modeling using gas dynamical and magnetohydrodynamical (MHD) simulations to study the formation of planets, and stars, and the structure of the interstellar gas, with applications to galactic winds and galaxy formation.

Ward Wheeler, PhD

Curator, Chair Division of Invertebrate Zoology &
Curator-in-Charge of Scientific Computing
Phone: 212-496-5754

Dr. Wheeler serves as Curator-in-Charge of the Science Computing Facility. He along with a team of researchers and graduates students seeded the high-performance computing facility beginning with a commodity cluster some 10 years ago, built and used to analyze phylogenetic relationships among and within species of invertebrates.