»  Accessing the AMNH Cluster

Accessing the AMNH Cluster

Secure Shell Login

The computing clusters are accessible through a private network using secure shell login (ssh) for all authorized users. We use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or gateway access to allow remote usage of the clusters. Once a secure connection is established users may login to the clusters from a local host using ssh. The term cluster-host refers to the name of the machin you wish to access. The ssh command is:

$ ssh yourusername@cluster-hostname

You will be prompted to issue your password for the cluster-host

$ request password
enter your password

Now you are logged onto the cluster-host. Issue the command, pwd, which returns the name of the current working directory. You should be in /home/yourusername.

Use one of the following methods for ssh login from your local host machine:

  • A terminal window which is a Unix command-line interface
  • An open source graphical frontend application which allows drag-n-drop functionality; available for download