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Apolygopsis furvocarinatus Yasunaga, Schwartz and Cherot, 2002 (Miridae)
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(AMNH_PBI 00242176_Apolygopsis_ furvocarinatus_male_apical.jpg)
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(AMNH_PBI 00242176_Apolygopsis_ furvocarinatus_male_dorsal.jpg)
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(AMNH_PBI 00242176_Apolygopsis_ furvocarinatus_male_lateral.jpg)




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JAPAN Apolygopsis furvocarinatus coordinates

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PBI USI Country State Division Locality Sex Type Status Elevation(m) GPS Coordinate Host Collection_Date Collector Inst. Code Created By
AMNH_PBI 00242176  JAPAN  Kyushu (Island)  Okinawa Pref.  Ryukyu Islands, Ishigaki Island  1 Adult Male  Paratype    24.40000; 124.20000    01 May 1995  M. Takai  CNC  Schwartz, Michael 
AMNH_PBI 00419757  JAPAN  Ryukyu Islands  Iriomote Island  Urauchigawa [River]  1 Adult Female  Paratype  10  24.40446; 123.77754    12 Jun 1986  T. Yasunaga  CNC  Schwartz, Michael 
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