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Acanthosoma versicolor Distant, 1910 (Acanthosomatidae)




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AUSTRALIA Acanthosoma versicolor coordinates

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PBI USI Country State Division Locality Sex Type Status Elevation(m) GPS Coordinate Host Collection_Date Collector Inst. Code Created By
UNSW_ENT 00014462  AUSTRALIA  New South Wales    Stanwell Park Reserve  1 Adult Male    25  -34.21667; 150.98590    14 Nov 2001  Cassis, Schuh, Schwartz, Silveira  AM  Wang,Xiaojing 
UNSW_ENT 00002839  AUSTRALIA  Queensland    Albert River (Right Branch), Lamington N.P.  1 Adult Male      -28.27441; 153.13258      G. B. & S. R. Monteith  QM  Wang,Xiaojing 
UNSW_ENT 00014687  AUSTRALIA  Queensland    Blllenden ker Range, NQ, Summit TV Stn  1 Adult Male      -17.26670; 145.85000    29 Apr 1983  G. B. Monteith, D. K. Yeates  QM  Wang,Xiaojing 
UNSW_ENT 00014686  AUSTRALIA  Queensland    Mt Finnigan, 37km S Cooktown  1 Adult Male    1100  -15.78333; 145.25000    19 Apr 1982  Monteith, Yeates, & Cook  QM  Wang,Xiaojing 
UNSW_ENT 00002910  AUSTRALIA  Queensland    South QLD, Tambourine Mountain  1 Adult Female      -27.92751; 153.19431      H. J. Carter  AM  Wang,Xiaojing 
UNSW_ENT 00002840  AUSTRALIA  Queensland  S.E. Queensland  Bald Mountain area, via Emu Vale  1 Adult Female    1219  -28.27172; 152.20322    26 Jan 1973  G. B. Monteith  QM  Wang,Xiaojing 
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