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Blepharidopterus dubius Wagner, 1954 (Miridae)
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CYPRUS Blepharidopterus dubius coordinates

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PBI USI Country State Division Locality Sex Type Status Elevation(m) GPS Coordinate Host Collection_Date Collector Inst. Code Created By
AMNH_PBI 00183918  CYPRUS      Platania, Troodos Mts.  1 Adult Male  Paratype    34.93400; 32.91700    18 Jun 1939  Hakan Lindberg  ZMUH  Hewson-Smith, Sheridan 
AMNH_PBI 00310288  CYPRUS      Pyrgos  1 Adult Male      34.74170; 33.18330    12 Jun 1962  G. Mavromoustakis  ZISP  Namyatova, Anna 
AMNH_PBI 03102890  CYPRUS      Yermasoyia River  1 Adult Female      35.11337; 32.53349    03 Oct 1966  G. Mavromoustakis  ZISP  Namyatova, Anna 
AMNH_PBI 03102889  CYPRUS      [Saettas, 762 m (2500 ft)]  1 Adult Male      34.87083; 32.91666    23 Sept 1964  G. Mavromoustakis  ZISP  Namyatova, Anna 
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