References for species Psallus haematodes (Gmelin, 1790)

Species Reference Comment Distribution
Cimex rubellus Muller 1776A: 108
  n. sp. (syn. by Reuter, 1883A:463) Denmark
Cimex roseus Fabricius 1777A: 300
  n. sp. (junior primary homonym of Cimex roseus Muller, 1776) Germany
Cimex haematodes Gmelin 1790A: 2169
  n. name for Cimex roseus Fabricius, 1777 (syn. by Reuter, 1883A:463) Germany
Cimex pallescens Gmelin 1790A: 2165
  n. sp. (junior primary homonym of Cimex pallescens Gmelin, 1790A: 2161; syn. by Reuter 1888A:677) Europe
Cimex conspersus Gmelin 1790A: 2167
  n. sp. (junior primary homonym of Cimex conspersus Gmelin, 1790A: 2149; syn. by Reuter, 1888A:677) Europe
Lygaeus alni Fabricius 1794A: 175
  n. sp. (syn. by Reuter, 1878:144) Denmark
Lygaeus sanguineus Fabricius 1794A: 175
  n. name for Cimex roseus Fabricius, 1777 (junior primary homonym of Lygaeus sanguineus Fabricius, 1794A: 155; syn. by Fallen, 1829A:102) Germany
Cimex haematopus Turton 1802A: 671
  n. name for Lygaeus sanguineus Fabricius, 1794 (syn. by Reuter, 1884A:463) Europe
Phytocoris querceti Fallen 1826A: 15
  n. sp. (syn. by Stal, 1868:89) Sweden
Phytocoris ? roralis Gistel 1857A: 101
  n. sp. (syn. by Kerzhner, 1993A:101) Germany
Plagiognathus fasciatus Jakovlev 1893A: 309
  n. sp. (syn. by Reuter, 1910:86) Irkutsk
Psallus roseus fraudatrix Reuter 1894A: 145
  n. var. France
Psallus roseus reseomaculatus Stichel 1933A: 272
(PDF not available.)  n. form Europe
Psallus roseus griseo-rosea Stichel 1933A: 272
(PDF not available.)  n. form Europe
Plagiognathus decolor Lindberg 1934A: 22
  n. sp. (syn. by Kerzhner, 1996a: 269) Spain
Psallus roseus rufata Stichel 1956A: 305
(PDF not available.)  n. name for Lygaeus sanguineus Fabricius, 1794) Europe
Psallus roseus simplex Stichel 1956A: 305
(PDF not available.)  n. form Europe
Psallus roseus Carvalho 1958A: 129
  Cat. undefined
Plagiognathus decolor Carvalho 1958A: 100
  Cat. undefined
Psallus alni roseotincta Stichel 1958A: 782
(PDF not available.)  n. name for Cimex roseus sensu Stichel, 1956 undefined
Psallus roseus Southwood and Leston 1959A: 225
(PDF not available.)  Dist., host, biol. undefined
Psallus Psallus roseus Ehanno 1960A: 318
(PDF not available.)  List, host France
Psallus alni Franz and Wagner 1961A: 382
(PDF not available.)  Dist., host, syn., biol. undefined
Psallus roseus Leston 1961D: 66
(PDF not available.)  List, host, paras. undefined
Psallus Psallus alni Wagner 1961N: 70, fig. 42a
(PDF not available.)  Diag., fig. hind femur, host undefined
Plagiognathus decolor Wagner 1963K: 1, fig. 1
(PDF not available.)  n. syn., disc., figs. head, MG undefined
Psallus roseus Kerzhner 1964A: 993
(PDF not available.)  Diag., fig., hab., host undefined
Psallus querceti Kulik 1965A: 62
(PDF not available.)  List Siberia
Psallus alni Ehanno 1968A: 46
(PDF not available.)  List, dist., syn., host France
Psallus haematodes Kerzhner 1970B: 143
  Syns., disc. undefined
Psallus Psallus alni roseomaculata Servadei 1972A: 14
(PDF not available.)  List Italy
Psallus alni Gollner-Scheiding 1972A: 37
  Record, host Germany
Psallus haematodes Andersen and Gaun 1974A: 120
(PDF not available.)  List, syns. Denmark
Psallus alni Gollner-Scheiding 1974A: 187
  List, host Germany
Psallus Psallus alni Wagner 1975C: 196
(PDF not available.)  Descr., fig., key to var., host, dist. undefined
Psallus haematodes Coulianos and Ossiannilsson 1976A: 148
(PDF not available.)  List, dist. Sweden
Psallus Psallus haematodes Kerzhner 1978A: 44
(PDF not available.)  faunal list, host Russia: Sakhalin Is.; Kurile Is.
Psallus roseus Kelton 1983B: 325
(PDF not available.)  MG, record, host CANADA: British Columbia
Psallus Psallus haematodes Ribes 1984B: 109
  record Spain
Psallus haematodes Wheeler and Henry 1992A: 189, map 73
(PDF not available.)  Disc. of distribution, host info. from literature, map undefined
Psallus haematodes Kerzhner 1993A: 101
  n. syn., disc. Germany
Plagiognathus decolor Schuh, Lindskog, and Kerzhner 1995A: 392
  disc. of taxonomic status undefined
Psallus haematodes Kerzhner 1996A: 269
  n. syn., disc. undefined
Psallus Psallus haematodes Yasunaga and Vinokurov 2000A: 659, figs. 22, 23, 49, 67, 76
(PDF not available.)  distr., photos adult, hind femur, MG, host JAPAN: Hokkaido
Psallus haematodes Yasunaga 2010: 87
(PDF not available.)  new records JAPAN: Hokkaido; RUSSIA: St. Petersburg
Alnus glutinosa Ehanno, 1960A:318 (Family: Betulaceae)
Alnus glutinosa Ehanno, 1968A:46 (Family: Betulaceae)
Salix sp. Ehanno, 1968A:46 (Family: Salicaceae)
Salix sp. Gollner-Scheiding, 1972A:37 (Family: Salicaceae)
Salix sp. Gollner-Scheiding, 1974A:187 (Family: Salicaceae)
Salix sp. Kerzhner, 1978A:44 (Family: Salicaceae)
Salix spp. Yasunaga and Vinokurov, 2000A:659 (Family: Salicaceae)
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