References for species Taylorilygus apicalis (Fieber, 1861)

Species Reference Comment Distribution
Phytocoris pallidulus Blanchard 1852A: 193
  n. sp. (junior primary homonym of Phytocoris pallidulus Dahlbom, 1851; syn. by Kerzhner, 1993A:99) Chile
Lygus apicalis Fieber 1861A: 275
  n. sp. Spain
Lygus putoni Meyer-Dur 1870A: 207
  n. sp. (syn. by Puton, 1873A:24) Switzerland
Lygus Lygus prasinus Reuter 1876A: 72
  n. sp. (syn. by Reuter, 1907:63) USA: Texas
Lygus carolinae Reuter 1876A: 71
  n. sp. (syn. by Carvalho, 1959A:265) USA: Carolina
Capsus Deraeocoris uruguayensis Berg 1878A: 270
  n. sp. (syn. by Reuter, 1907:63) Uruguay
Lygus godmani Distant 1893B: 433
  n. sp. (syn. by Carvalho, 1952H:7) Mexico: Vera Cruz; Guerrero; Tabasco
Lygus apicalis inops Horvath 1894A: 190
  n. var. Dalmatia; Bosnia
Lygus osiris Kirkaldy 1902D: 262
  n. sp. (syn. by Poppius, 1910A:39) Reunion
Lygus immitis Distant 1904E: 456
  n. sp. (syn. by Carvalho, 1956B:89) Sri Lanka
Lygus pubens Distant 1904E: 456
  n. sp. (syn. by Carvalho, 1956B:89) Sri Lanka
Lygus neovalesicus Bergroth 1912A: 348
  n. sp. (syn. by Carvalho, 1955:227) Australia: New South Wales
Lygus apicalis innotatus Poppius 1912G: 101
  n. var. (junior primary homonym of Lygus innotatus Reuter, 1871) E Africa; Madagascar
Lygus apicalis rufoviridis Poppius 1912G: 101
  n. var. Cape Verde Is.
Lygus olivaceus viridiusculus Knight 1917C: 600
  n. var. (syn. by Henry, 1985A:1131) USA: Massachusetts
Lygus gryllus Girault 1936A: 2
(PDF not available.)  n. sp. (syn. by Carvalho, 1974C:44) Australia
Taylorilygus apicalis Hoberlandt 1956A: 32
  Dist., hab. Turkey
Lygus pallidulus Carvalho 1956B: 89, fig. 51g, h
(PDF not available.)  Syns., n. syn., descr., dist., MG Bonin Is.; Mariana Is.; Caroline Is.
Lygus apicalis roseotincta Stichel 1958A: 745
(PDF not available.)  n. form (name originally proposed as abberation by Lindberg, 1956) Europe
Lygus apicalis unicolor Stichel 1958A: 860
(PDF not available.)  n. name for Lygus apicalis innotatus Poppius, 1912; a junior primary homonym of Lygus unicolor Provancher, 1872 undefined
Lygus Taylorilygus apicalis Lindberg 1958B: 92
  Disc., dist. Cape Verde Is.
Taylorilygus pallidulus Carvalho 1959A: 265
  cat. undefined
Lygus gryllus Carvalho 1959A: 121
  cat. undefined
Lygus Neolygus apicallis Ehanno 1960A: 313
(PDF not available.)  List France
Lygus apicalis Linnavuori 1960A: 64
(PDF not available.)  records Israel
Taylorilygus pallidulus Carvalho, Dutra, and Becker 1960A: 474, fig. 24
(PDF not available.)  Syns., diag., dist., MG South Africa: Cape Province; Natal; Basutoaland
Taylorilygus apicalis Wagner 1960N: 15
(PDF not available.)  List Spain
Taylorilygus apicalis Lindberg 1961A: 46
  record Madeira
Taylorilygus apicalis Wagner 1963B: 484
(PDF not available.)  List, host, dist. Nubia
Lygocoris Taylorilygus pallidulus Kerzhner 1964A: 940
(PDF not available.)  Diag., fig., dist., hab. undefined
Lygus Taylorilygus pallidulus Linnavuori 1964B: 323
  records Egypt
Taylorilygus apicalis Lindberg and Wagner 1965A: 7
(PDF not available.)  record Canary Is.
Lygus apicalis Pericart 1965A: 383
(PDF not available.)  record Corsica
Taylorilygus apicalis Eckerlein and Wagner 1965A: 216
(PDF not available.)  record Algeria
Taylorilygus pallidulus Carvalho and Rosas 1965A: 210
  List Surinam
Lygus Taylorilygus pallidulus Miyamoto and Lee 1966A: 390
(PDF not available.)  Syn., record Korea
Taylorilygus pallidulus Odhiambo 1968A: 628
(PDF not available.)  n. comb., syn., disc. Cameroun
Taylorilygus pallidulus Carvalho and Gagné 1968A: 203, figs. 45, 46a--c
  Syn., descr., dist., DV, MG Galapagos Is.
Taylorilygus pallidulus Eckerlein and Wagner 1969A: 183
  record Libya
Taylorilygus pallidulus Maldonado 1969A: 51, fig. 19
(PDF not available.)  Syn., descr., DV, MG Puerto Rico
Taylorilygus pallidulus Carvalho and Ferreira 1972A: 178
  List Peru
Taylorilygus pallidulus Carvalho and Ferreira 1972A: 183
  List Peru
Taylorilygus pallidulus Linnavuori 1973A: 71
  record Katanga
Lygus gryllus Carvalho 1974C: 44
  Lectotype design., n. syn. undefined
Taylorilygus pallidulus Wagner 1974G: 395
(PDF not available.)  Descr., fig., host, dist. undefined
Taylorilygus pallidulus Linnavuori 1975A: 35
  records Sudan
Lygus Taylorilygus pallidulus Schmitz 1976A: 488, figs. 425--430
(PDF not available.)  Syn., redescr., MG, FG, hab., host St. Helena
Lygus godmani Carvalho and Dolling 1976A: 798
  Disc. of type undefined
Lygus gryllus Carvalho 1976B: 53
  note undefined
Taylorilygus pallidulus Carvalho and Afonso 1977A: 12
  List Mexico; Peru; El Salvador; Guatemala; Ecuador; Colombia
Taylorilygus pallidulus Linsley 1977A: 15
(PDF not available.)  List, syns. Galapagos Is.
Taylorilygus apicalis Leston 1979A: 378
(PDF not available.)  Diag., in key undefined
Taylorilygus pallidulus Henry and Smith 1979A: 218
  List USA: Georgia
Lygocoris Taylorilygus pallidulus Tamanini 1981A: 48
  List, dist., syn., host Italy
Lygocoris Taylorilygus pallidulus Tamanini 1982B: 108
(PDF not available.)  Dist., host Italy
Taylorilygus pallidulus Snodgrass, Henry, and Scott 1984A: 857
  List, hosts USA: Arkansas; Louisiana; Mississippi
Taylorilygus pallidulus Henry, T. 1985A: 1131
  n. syn., disc. undefined
Taylorilygus pallidulus Linnavuori 1986A: 141
(PDF not available.)  records, hab. Saudi Arabia
Taylorilygus pallidulus Linnavuori 1989A: 31
  records Yemen
Taylorilygus pallidulus Wheeler and Henry 1992A: 72, map 26
(PDF not available.)  Disc. of distribution and introduced status in North America, host info. from literature, map USA: Indiana, New York, Pennsylvania, SOuth Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia
Taylorilygus apicalis Kerzhner 1993A: 99
  valid name for Taylorilygus pallidulus (Blanchard), 1852, a junior primary homonym of Phytocoris pallidulus Dahlbom, 1851 undefined
Taylorilygus apicalis Eyles 1999A: 330, figs. 82, 83, pl. 10C, D
(PDF not available.)  syn., descr., MG, host discussion NEW ZEALAND
Taylorilygus apicalis Hernandez and Henry 2010: 86, figs. 70, 255--257
(PDF not available.)  syn., diag., color habitus, MG, host CUBA
Anthemis sp. Pericart, 1965A:383 (Family: Asteraceae)
Parthenium hysterophorus Hernandez and Henry, 2010:86 (Family: Asteraceae)
Salix sp. Ehanno, 1960A:313 (Family: Salicaceae)
species not specified Hoberlandt, 1956A:32 (Family: Asteraceae)
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