References for species Leptopterna dolabrata (Linnaeus, 1758)

Species Reference Comment Distribution
Cimex dolabratus Linnaeus 1758A: 449
  n. sp. Europe
Cimex frumentarius Poda 1761A: 60
  n. sp. (syn. by Reuter, 1888A:608) Austria
Cimex riparius Scopoli 1763A: 135
  n. sp. (syn. by Herrich-Schaeffer, 1853:58) Italy
Cimex deses Muller 1776A: 108
  n. sp. (syn. by Reuter, 1888A:613) Denmark
Cimex lateralis Fabricius 1777A: 300
  n. sp. (syn. by Fallen, 1807:107) Germany
Cimex antennirectus Goeze 1778A: 267
  n. sp. (syn. by Reuter, 1888A:613) France
Cimex v-flavum Goeze 1778A: 279
  n. sp. (syn. by Reuter, 1888A:613) Germany
Cimex porrectus Geoffroy 1785A: 206
  n. sp. (objective synonym of Cimex antennirectus Goeze, 1778) France
Miris abbreviatus Wolff 1802A: 116, fig. 110
  n. sp. (syn. by Fallen, 1807:107) Europe
Miris picticeps Curtis 1838A: 701
  n. sp. (syn. by Curtis, 1838:701) Great Britain
Miris belangeri Provancher 1872A: 78
  n. sp. (syn. by Provancher,1886:104) Canada: Quebec
Leptopterna dolabrata aurantiaca Reuter 1875B: 1:32
  n. var. Sweden; Finland
Miris dolabratus Davis 1955A: 132
  Morph., fem. genitalia figs. undefined
Leptopterna dolobrata aurantiaca Hoberlandt 1956A: 19
  as var., dist. Turkey
Leptopterna dolabrata Southwood 1956A: 205
  Egg morph., fig. undefined
Leptopterna dolobrata Buczek 1956A: 269
(PDF not available.)  Morph., biol., larvae, fig. Poland
Leptopterna dolobrata Hoberlandt 1956A: 19
  Dist. Turkey
Miris dolabratus Nuorteva 1956A: 117
(PDF not available.)  Physiol. salivary proteases undefined
Leptopterna dolabrata Leston 1957B: 613
(PDF not available.)  chromosome number USA; Britain
Leptopterna dolabrata Leston 1959A: 98
(PDF not available.)  Biol., hab. Britain
Leptopterna dolabrata G. Scudder 1959A: 427
(PDF not available.)  Female genitalia, descr., disc. undefined
Leptopterna dolabrata Southwood and Leston 1959A: 311
(PDF not available.)  Fig., dist., hab., biol., chrom. no. undefined
Leptopterna dolabrata Carvalho 1959A: 290
  cat. undefined
Miris dolabratus Lindberg 1959A: 16
  Hab., dist. Newfoundland
Leptopterna dolabratus Kelton 1959B: 11, figs. 1--3
(PDF not available.)  MG undefined
Leptopterna dolabrata Woodroffe 1959H: 13
  List Britain
Leptopterna dolabrata Woodroffe 1960A: 13
(PDF not available.)  Hab., disc. macroptery Britain
Leptopterna dolabrata Franz and Wagner 1961A: 352
(PDF not available.)  Dist., biol., host, syn. undefined
Leptopterna dolabrata Leston 1961B: 93
(PDF not available.)  testis follicle no. Britain
Leptopterna dolabrata Leston 1961D: 69
(PDF not available.)  List, hab., paras. undefined
Leptopterna dolobrata Wagner 1961N: 29
(PDF not available.)  Diag., hab. (lapsus) undefined
Leptopterna dolabrata Kerzhner 1964A: 961
(PDF not available.)  Diag., fig., dist. undefined
Leptopterna dolabrata Wagner and Weber 1964A: 85, fig. 74
(PDF not available.)  Syn., descr., DV, figs. head, hemelytron, host, biol, dist. undefined
Leptoterna dolobrata Kulik 1965A: 54
(PDF not available.)  List Siberia
Leptopterna dolobrata Hinks 1966A: 0
(PDF not available.)  Heart structure, figs., histology undefined
Leptopterna dolabrata Synave 1967A: 17
(PDF not available.)  type material undefined
Leptopterna belangeri Kelton 1968B: 1972
  syn., lectotype designation, disc. undefined
Leptopterna dolobrata Gollner-Scheiding 1970A: 49
(PDF not available.)  Record Germany
Leptopterna dolabrata McNeill 1971A: 127
(PDF not available.)  popul. ecol. undefined
Leptopterna dolabrata Servadei 1972A: 16
(PDF not available.)  List Italy
Leptopterna dolobrata Gollner-Scheiding 1972A: 23
  Record Germany
Leptopterna dolabrata Kerzhner 1973A: 90
  faunal list USSR: Tuva
Leptoterna dolabrata Akingbohungbe, Libby, and Shenefelt 1973A: 10
(PDF not available.)  descr. 5th instar nymph USA: Wisconsin
Leptopterna dolabrata McNeill 1973A: 495
(PDF not available.)  population dynamics undefined
Leptopterna dolabrata Andersen and Gaun 1974A: 118
(PDF not available.)  List Denmark
Leptopterna dolobrata Gollner-Scheiding 1974A: 185
  List, hab. Germany
Leptopterna dolabrata Akingbohungbe 1974A: 252
  chromosome number undefined
Leptopterna dolabrata Wagner 1974G: 105
(PDF not available.)  Descr., fig., host, dist. undefined
Leptopterna dolobrata Dethier and Charpie 1976A: 35
(PDF not available.)  as Prey France
Leptopterna dolabrata Reid, Loan and Harmsen 1976A: 563
(PDF not available.)  List, host Canada
Leptopterna dolabrata Coulianos and Ossiannilsson 1976A: 144
(PDF not available.)  List, dist. Sweden
Leptopterna dolabrata Kerzhner 1978A: 43
(PDF not available.)  faunal list Russia: Sakhalin Is.; Kurile Is.
Leptopterna dolabrata Messina 1978A: 139
(PDF not available.)  Host, biol. USA: New York
Leptopterna dolobrata Dailey, Graves and Herring 1978A: 160
(PDF not available.)  List Ohio
Leptopterna dolobrata Gollner-Scheiding 1978B: 0
(PDF not available.)  List, hab. Serbia
Leptopterna dolabrata Henry and Smith 1979A: 218
  List USA: Georgia
Leptopterna dolabrata Braune 1980A: 32
(PDF not available.)  Biol. (embryo), graphs, photos, figs. undefined
Leptopterna dolabrata Loan 1980A: 89
  parasitism by Braconidae Canada: Ontario
Leptopterna dolabrata Kelton 1980E: 31
(PDF not available.)  Syns., diag., hab., dist., map undefined
Leptopterna dolabrata Tamanini 1981A: 39
  List, dist. Italy
Leptopterna dolabrata Horsfield 1981A: 173
(PDF not available.)  Hab. Britain
Leptopterna dolabrata Vinokurov 1982A: 99, figs. 1--9
(PDF not available.)  Syn., descr., fig. hemelytra, MG USSR
Leptopterna dolabrata Akingbohungbe 1983A: 38
  testis follicle no. undefined
Leptopterna dolabrata Wheeler, Henry and Mason 1983A: 151
  List, host USA: West Virginia
Leptopterna dolobrata Carayon 1984A: 988
  Insemination, histology, figs. undefined
Leptopterna dolabrata Wheeler and Henry 1992A: 78, map 28
(PDF not available.)  Disc. of distribution and occurrence in North America, host info. from literature, map CANADA: Newfoundland; USA: Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia
Leptopterna dolabrata Scudder and Schwartz 2001: 803, figs. 2, 16
(PDF not available.)  syn., diag., redescr., figs. head, antenna, distr., host disc. Southern Canada; northern United States
Calamagrostis sp. Kerzhner, 1978A:43 (Family: Poaceae)
Omonis spinosa Gollner-Scheiding, 1970A:49 (Family: Poaceae)
Phleum sp. Dethier and Charpie, 1976A:35 (Family: Poaceae)
species not specified Gollner-Scheiding, 1972A:23 (Family: Poaceae)
species not specified Hoberlandt, 1956A:19 (Family: Poaceae)
species not specified Josifov, 1974F:11 (Family: Poaceae)
Vaccinium sp. Dethier and Charpie, 1976A:35 (Family: Ericaceae)
vetch Henry and Smith, 1979A:218 (Family: Fabaceae)
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