»  Links to Trilobite Websites

Links to Trilobite Websites

A Guide to the Order of Trilobites

Perhaps the definitive source for all things “trilobite”
The Sant Ocean Hall - Trilobite Collection The Smithsonian’s new trilobite exhibit
Yale Peabody Museum Invertebrate Paleontology  A peek at some of the trilobites held at Yale’s Peabody Museum

Marshall’s Trilobites

A site featuring photos of trilobites from around the world

Canada Trilobites

A wonderful display of Ordovician trilobites- mostly from Ontario

Trilobite Central

Revealing the rich fauna of a new trilobite-bearing strata in Western Canada
Midwest Paleo As the name implies, the focus here is on trilobites from the American heartland
Weeks Trilobites Great examples of trilobites from Indiana and Utah
Per Hansson’s Trilobite Gallery A detailed and revealing look at the trilobites of Sweden
Western Trilobite Association Site dedicated to the trilobites found in Western North America
Back to the Past A private trilobite museum based in Cancun, Mexico
Trentonian Trilobites from Wisconsin Localized, but still revealing display of Midwestern trilobites
World’s Biggest Trilobite A look at Isotelus rex, a 70 cm Ordovician “monster”
Les Trilobites Ordoviciens De Bretagne It may be in French, but the photos translate into any language
Lower Cambrian Trilobites of South Australia Some fascinating trilobites, from exotic Kangaroo Island