z1898 Jurassic of Wyoming

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1898 Jurassic of Wyoming

The second expedition for dinosaurs in the Jurassic of Wyoming. At the close of the previous season H. W. Menke was left in winter quarters in Aurora, Wyoming to look after the outfit, as well as examine the "Mammal dirt" that had been transported there. Before winter set in, he also took short exploratory trips and located additional specimens for work in the coming season. Early in April Dr. Wortman left the museum with Mr. Norman Grant, a volunteer member of the expedition, arriving in May. The collecting party was joined by Mr. Walter Granger. In early June the entire party moved to the Little Medicine to prospect the finds made in this region previously. On June 12th a rich strike was made in opening "Bone Cabin Quarry". This is where the larger part of the years collection was secured. The work was arduous and additional help was needed, so Peter Kaisen joined the team at the end of June. The party stayed here until the close of the field season on October 1st. Fossils were transported to the Medicine Bow Station and carried by train to New York.



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