»  Richard H. Baker

Richard H. Baker

Email: rbaker@amnh.org

Evolutionary genomics of stalk-eyed flies


Baker RH, Morgan J, Wang X, Boore JL, Wilkinson GS. (2009) Genomic analysis of a sexually-selected character: EST sequencing and microarray analysis of eye-antennal imaginal discs in the stalk-eyed fly Teleopsis dalmanni (Diopsidae). BMC Genomics 10:361.

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Rogers DW, Baker RH, Chapman T, Denniff M, Pomiankowski A, Fowler K. (2005) Direct and correlated responses to artificial selection on male mating frequency in the stalk-eyed fly Cyrtodiopsis dalmanniJournal of Evolutionary Biology 18(3):642-650.

Gatesy J, Baker RH, Hayashi C. (2004) Inconsistencies in arguments for the supertree approach: supermatrices versus supertrees of Crocodylia. Systematic Biology 53(2):342-355.