Metazoan Characters

Metazoan characteristics of the myxozoan Thelohanellus nikolskii.

A. Intercellular cytoplasmic communication seen between arrows. Scale bar = 1 um

B. Septate (sj) and desmosomal (dj) junctions with characteristic tonofilaments (t) bewteen adjacent sporogenic cells (s). Scale bar = 1 um

C. Extracellular production of cross-linked collagen (cf) by a pansporoblast (PS), arrow indicates active exocytosis of tropocollagen (tc). Scale bar = 1 um

The findings presented herein are in press at the Journal of Parasitology under the the title THE DEMISE OF A PHYLUM OF PROTISTS: PHYLOGENY OF MYXOZOA AND OTHER PARASITIC CNIDARIA. by Mark E. Siddall, Donald S. Martin, Diane Bridge, Sherwin S. Desser, and David K. Cone. None of the figures or data presented here can be reproduced without the consent of the authors or of the Journal of Parasitology.