Goose Populations in Southern Hudson Bay

Species Spring Population Activity in Hudson Bay Lowland
Canada Geese:    
Tall grass prairie 130,000 spring and fall staging
Eastern prairie 230,000 breeding, molting
Mississippi valley 900,000 breeding, molting
Southern James Bay 90,000 breeding, molting
MF giants 1,000,000 molting
Lesser snow geese >3,000,000 breeding, molting
Atlantic Brant 130,000 spring and fall staging
Ross' geese 400,000 spring and fall staging

The Hudson-James Bay coastal zone is both a migration corridor and a breeding area for geese. This table shows current total spring population sizes for geese that use the coastal ecosystem. For some of these populations, only one component uses the zone, for example, only the yearling and failed breeding Mississippi Flyway Giants migrate there to moult in summer. Lesser Snow Geese, Ross’ Geese, Giant Canada geese and Mississippi Valley Population Canada geese are all at record high population levels

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revised - 12/18/02