Funding the Work

mobileCosts of the ecological research and environmental monitoring undertaken by the Hudson Bay Project are high. Part of the expense is related to monitoring ecosystem interactions along nearly 2000 kilometers of Hudson and James Bay coast. The costs of intensive studies, such as those at our La Pérouse Bay site, are high since supplies and food must be moved by helicopter to the remote sites which must be self-sufficient for 10 to 12 weeks. Detailed surveys and monitoring in the vicinity of these sites also require expensive helicopter support. We have no single source of funding for this work. It is supported in partnership with a number of agencies and groups who provide contracts, donations and grants to either specific members of the Hudson Bay Project or to the group as a whole. We are often assisted by talented individuals who donate their time  to our efforts.
Government support of ecological research is not keeping pace with either the need for nor the expense of that research. To facilitate raising funds for our work, we formed the Hudson Bay Project Corporation. The mission of the corporation is to: 1) perform research in partnership with the Hudson Bay Project; 2) advise national, regional and local agencies on conservation and management strategies related to burgeoning goose populations and attendant trophic cascades; 3) raise funds and acquire equipment in support of these activities.

The Hudson Bay Project Corporation is a non-profit, charitable organization under section 501c3 of the IRS tax code. As such, individuals, organizations, foundations or corporations are entitled to deductions from US taxes for donations of funds or equipment. Interested parties should contact: RF Rockwell, Ornithology Department, American Museum of Natural History, Central Park West at 79th Street, New York, NY 10024-5192 or email:[email protected]

Current Sponsors and Partners

American Museum of Natural History

Atmospheric Environment Service, Environment Canada

Arctic Goose Joint Venture

Berryman Institute

Canadian Wildlife Service

Central Flyway Council

Churchill Northern Studies Centre

City University of New York

Department of Indian and Northern Affairs (Canada)

Ducks Unlimited

Hudson Bay Helicopters

Great Slave Helicopters

Great White Bear Tours

Manitoba Department of Natural Resources

Mississippi Flyway Council

National Sciences and Engineering Research Council (Canada)

National Science Foundation

Olive Bridge Fund

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

United States Fish and Wildlife Service

University of Toronto

Utah State University

Wapusk National Park

Wildlife Management Institute