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Biology Department,
City College of The City University of New York
Professor (1986-present); Chair of Graduate Studies (1993-6; 1997-98)
Ornithology Department, American Museum of Natural History
Research Associate (1986-present)
Botany Department, University of Toronto
Adjunct Professor (1995-present)
Wildlife Biology and Fisheries, South Dakota State University
Adjunct Professor (1996-present)
Queen's University Tundra Biology Station
Director (1983-1989)
La Pérouse Bay Tundra Biology Station
Director of Animal Research(1992-present)
Hudson Bay Project Corporation
President (1996-present)


Ph.D. Department of Biology,
Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario (1975)
M.Sc. Department of Biology,
Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio (1971)
B.Sc. Department of Biology,
Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio (1969)

Professional Societies

American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Genetics Society, American Ornithologists' Union, American Society of Naturalists, Association of Field Ornithologists, British Ecological Society, British Ornithologists' Union, Cooper Ornithological Society, Society for Conservation Biology, Society for the Study of Evolution, The Wildlife Society, Wilson Ornithological Society


Associate Editor, Journal of Wildlife Management (1995-1997)
Chair of Biology Panel, City University of New York Faculty Research Award Program (1990-present)
Arctic Goose Habitat Working Group (established under the authority of the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Canadian Wildlife Service) (1996-present)


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