Petrology Collection
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Many different kinds of volcanic rock comprise the museum's collection. These include basalts, porphyry, obsidian, and ash from recent eruptions. Many of the basalt samples contain mantle xenoliths.    
Samples of various volcanic rocks are available from the following localities:
    * Hawaii                    
    * Zabargad, Egypt    
    * Mt. Pelée, Martinique      
    * Newer Volcanic Field, Australia    
* Vesuvius, Italy
* Mt. St. Helen’s, WA
* Arizona
* Pinacate, Mexico
* New Mexico
* Mt. Lassen, CA
* Soufriere, St. Vincent
* Massif Central, France
The museum serves as a repository for the recovered drill core from the Hawaii Scientific Drilling Project (HSDP). Our collection houses the active and archive cores of the 1,056 m pilot hole drilled in 1993/1994 (HSDP 1) and the 3,109 m first phase hole completed in 1999 (HSDP 2).
These cores are available to any interested researchers for sampling. Maps of the lithologic column, a complete core log, summarizing data and photographs of each box of core are available via the HSDP website and on CD to aid investigators in finding potential sample locations along the core. Sampling must be done on-site and under the supervision of the collections manager.