How we got there
Wright Upper Glacier
Pyroxene tongue in sill
Mt. Eribus looming over McMurdo
Wright Upper Glacier (wow)
Sand blasted cliffs
Bruce Marsh, brain behind the operation
Happy camper school with eager students
Jean Bédard (left) and Ed
Intrepid fliers Sam Mukasa and Jill Von Tongeren
Ferrar dolerites, Taylor Valley
Cold-based glacier
Intrepid fliers Alan Boudreau (right) and David Eliott
Getting around
Dry Valleys camp
More Ferrar dolerite
Antarctica, 2005
Research Curriculum Vitae Petrology Collection Popular Education Isua, Greenland
2003 Antarctica
2005 Bushveld,
South Africa
2006, 2007 Publications Middlepunt Mine
South Africa