Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
American Museum of Natural History
New York, NY 10024-5192
Phone:  212 769 5379
FAX:  212 769 5339

Ph.D. (Geology) 1981, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Dissertation:  The Geochemistry of Sulfur and Carbon in Basaltic Melts

M.S. (Geology) 1971  University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
Thesis:  Geology and Petrology of the Logan Intrusives of the Hungry Jack Lake Quadrangle, Cook County, Minnesota

B.A. (Geology) 1968  Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, PA

Academic employment
American Museum of Natural History.  Curator (1996-present), Associate Curator (1991-1996), Assistant Curator (1987-1991); Chairman, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences (1993-1999); Chairman, Senate of the Scientific Staff (1994-1996); Chief Curator, Gottesman Hall of Planet Earth (opened 6/99)

Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University, Senior Research Scientist 

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, City University of New York, Adjunct Professor

Geologic Museum, University of Copenhagen, Visiting Professor (2000-2001)

Laboratoire des Isotopes Stables, Université de Paris VI et VII.  Chercheur Associe (1986-1987)

Department of Geological Sciences, University of Washington.  Research Assistant Professor (1983-1987)

University of Washington.  Geologist (1973-1983)

Research interests
Petrologic evolution of layered mafic intrusions, geochemistry of the volatile elements in mafic and ultramafic systems, thermodynamics of sulfide systems, geochemistry of the platinum group elements, mantle petrology, the geochemistry of carbon, surface chemistry

American Geophysical Union
Mineralogical Society of America
Geochemical Society
American Association for the Advancement of Science

Field work
South Africa, Galapagos Islands, west Greenland, Ontario, Montana, Minnesota, Arizona, Washington.  Cruises:  DSDP Leg 53, western Atlantic Ocean(1978), RV Atlantis (1998) and RV Thompson (1999), Juan de Fuca Ridge

Gottesman Hall of Planet Earth (Head Curator)
Climate Change: The Threat to Life and Our Energy Future (Co-Curator)

Awards and honors
Fellow, Mineralogical Society of America
American Geophysical Union Excellence in Geophysical Education Award, 2002 (co-recipient)

Research grants
Geodynamic setting of the Bushveld Complex, NSF grant 6/1/10-6/31/12, $136,247 (Principal Investigator).
Investigations of the geochemical evolution of the Stillwater Complex and origin of platinum group element deposits from analysis of lead isotopes, United States Geological Survey, 8/1/05-7/31/06 (Principal Investigator)
Collaborative research: Deposition of carbon on newly-formed fracture surfaces and its influence on deformation and electrical properties of rocks, National Science Foundation, 12/1/03-11/30/06 (Principal Investigator)
Geochemical and petrologic evolution of chromitites and other platinum group element-rich rocks from study of the UG2 layer, Bushveld Complex, National Science Foundation, 7/1/01—6/30/04 (Principal Investigator)
Influence of carbon on the electrical properties of crustal rocks, Department of Energy, 7/1/98-6/30/02, (Principal Investigator)
Acquisition of a new scanning electron microscope and energy dispersive spectrometry system at the American Museum of Natural History, National Science Foundation, 9/1/97-8/31/99 (Co-Principal Investigator).
Chlorine in mafic and intermediate melts and associated fluids:  An experimental study, National Science Foundation, 1/1/96-12/31/98 (Co-Principal Investigator)
Acquisition of a new electron microprobe, National Science Foundation, 9/1/95-8/31/97 (Co-Principal Investigator)
The effect of carbon on the mechanical and electrical properties of rocks, Department of Energy, 7/1/95-6/30/98 (Principal Investigator)
Metasomatic processes and platinum group element deposits in layered intrusions, National Science Foundation, 2/1/94-7/31/97 (Principal Investigator)
The Role of Carbon and Temperature in Determining Electrical Conductivity of Basins, Crust and Mantle, Department of Energy, 7/1/92-6/30/95 (Principal Investigator)
Distribution of the Platinum Group Elements between Sulfide and Silicate Melts, National Science Foundation (Principal Investigator)
Mantle Oxidation State and the Solubility of Oxygen in Diamond, National Science Foundation, 6/1/89-5/31/92 (Principal Investigator)
Experimental Study of Oxygen, Nitrogen and Hydrogen Solubility in Diamond and Silicates at High Pressure and Temperatures, Los Alamos National Laboratory, 10/1/88-9/30/91 (Collaborator)
Platinum Group Elements in Layered Intrusions and Submarine Glasses, National Science Foundation, 3/1/88-8/31/90, (Principal Investigator)
Nuclear Microprobe Analysis of Carbon and Hydrogen in Mantle Rocks, Los Alamos National Laboratory, 10/1/85-9/30/87 (Collaborator)
The Bushveld Pipes, University of Washington Graduate School Research Fund, 7/1/85-6/30/86 (Principal Investigator)
Geochemistry of Carbon in Mantle Rocks, National Science Foundation, 3/1/85-8/31/87 (Principal Investigator)
Carbon, Fluids, and the Genesis of Platinum Ores in the Stillwater Complex, National Science Foundation, 11/15/84-4/30/87, (Principal Investigator)
Acquisition of an Electron Microprobe, National Science Foundation, 6/1/84-12/1/85 (Co-Principal Investigator)
Geochemistry of Carbon in Submarine Basalts and Peridotite Nodules, National Science Foundation, 11/1/81-4/30/84 (Co-Principal Investigator)
Sulfur and Carbon in Mafic Systems, National Science Foundation, 7/1/78-12/1/81 (Co-Investigator)

Graduate students and postdocs
David Nicholson
Cheryl Peach
Robert Hutchinson
Robert Fogel
Rosamond Kinzler
John Arnason
Jacob Mey
Sisir Mondal
Jill VanTongeren
Sarah Fowler
Middlepunt Mine
South Africa
2001 Isua, Greenland
2003 Antarctica
2005 Bushveld,
South Africa
2006, 2007
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