Allende Data

Allende (CV3-ox) is an important meteorite for many reasons. These are components (chondrules, CAIs) and pieces (cut portions of whole rock) that have been imaged using combinations of tomography, surface analysis, and other means. Studies are ongoing or published on some of these specimens.
A detailed catalog of data is available for: AlCai1.
Detailed explanations and listings are being developed for other items available here, for information about other objects, please email the author.

Index (links) for whole and sub-pieces:
Allende1: A piece of Allende (see Schoenbeck and Ebel, 2004; Ebel et al. 2004).
Allende1-sectionC1: A sub-piece of Allende1. This encloses a single Type A CAI in a rectilinear piece. Many cuts through this object have been made.
Allende2: A piece of Allende (see Schoenbeck and Ebel, 2004; Ebel et al. 2004). This piece was serially sectioned into ten slices.
> tomography stack normal to X.
> tomography movie normal to Y (binned 2x2).
> tomography movie normal to X (binned 2x2).
> BSE vs MgCaAl vs tomography
Comparison of BSE, x-ray map composite RGB (Mg-Ca-Al), and tomography images, for serial section 3 through Allende sample 2. The actual cut surface mapped in BSE and x-ray intensities does not exactly correspond to the virtual slice (x_066) that is identified in tomography. The serial sections are cut sub-parallel to the tomographic slices orthogonal to the x-axis of the tomography volume.
> Thresholding vs BSE vs MgCaAl vs tomography Thresholded virtual slice corresponding approximately to actual cut. For determining chondrule/matrix ratios, volumes were cropped to eliminate all surrounding black (air). (credit: T. Schoenbeck)
Allende3: A piece of Allende.
Allende4: A piece of Allende.

Comparison of 3D data in Allende1 and Allende 2:
> 3D comparison (credit: T. Schoenbeck)
Fig5d-Al-slicer3D-1-rgb72.tif Index (links) for CAIs:
AlCai1: A large Type B Ca-, Al-rich inclusion (CAI) was found in a cut piece of Allende.
Al4947-1-ca1: A large Type B Ca-, Al-rich inclusion (CAI) found in a thin slab, polished section, and butt (see Connolly et al. 2006). This object is under study. There is no tomographic data yet.
Allende1-sectionC1: See above.
Index (links) for chondrules:
Al4303ch1: A single chondrule ~1.5mm in diameter.


Use of the Advanced Photon Source was supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Science, Office of Basic Energy Sciences, under Contract No. W-31-109-ENG-38. Use of the GSE-CARS beamline, University of Chicago, is gratefully acknowledged. This work is supported by the American Museum of Natural History.

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Last modified January 10, 2006.