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Meteorites are a window for teaching chemistry, physics, Earth science, astrophysics, and comparative planetology. These pages contain elementary, intermediate, and advanced tools that I have developed for explaining these topics to children, the general public, teachers, and colleagues. Most of these materials are static images: cartoons, photographs, graphs, charts; a few are movies I have created from data, or obtained from others.
Note that I have not intentionally posted any materials that are copyrighted by anyone other than myself. Please credit this site and AMNH if you use these images in your educational work.

Topics and Presentations Accessible from this Page

Lectures for TRUST (Teacher Renewal for Urban Science Teaching) Program
powerpoint: "Tale of 3 Moons (2005)"
handout: Moons-handout (resources)
powerpoint: "Planets as Complex Systems (2006)"
handout: Planets-handout (resources)
powerpoint: "Meteorites: What do they tell us? (2006)"
handout: Meteorites-handout (resources)
powerpoint: "How old is Earth? How do we know? (2012)"
Stardust Sample Return Mission
powerpoint: capsule return and aerogel handling. (http://research.amnh.org/users/debel/eduSource1/Stardust/Stardust-July2006.ppt)
web page: tomography of aerogel tile
Miscellaneous Diagrams
CH4-H2O-CO2 triple points on the surfaces of Earth, Titan, and Mars: 150dpi tiff ... PNG
Surface conditions on some worlds are estimated. Extremes (high atmosphere, subsurface) are not considered.

Links of interest:
Sorby Natural History Society, Sheffield UK
Meteorite Nomenclature Guidelines

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