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AMNH media
Shelf-life 360 Space Volcanoes
Chicxulub Impact Science text interview 2005
Melting Rocks in the Solar System news post 2008
MESSENGER Orbital Insertion Event news post, 3 March 2011 (with Science Bulletin link)
Chipping Away at the Mystery of Mercury news post September 2011
Meteorite Mementos: Tectites Rotunda magazine story, 3 October 2011
Webby Winner: Picturing Science Exhibition May 2012
Profile July 2012
Scanning Newly Fallen Meteorites in 3D research post, 20 December 2012
SciCafe: Imaging Space Rocks Public program, 3 December 2014 (abridged video)
How Can Asteroids be Deflected? Science video, June 2015
What Is an Asteroid Science video, October 2015
What Is an Asteroid Science video, October 2015
Meteorite, Meteor: What's the Difference? Science video, October 2015
What Is an Asteroid Science video, October 2015
What Were the Biggest Asteroids to Hit Earth? Science video, October 2015

WNYC The Takeaway with John Hockenberry: 4-Dec-2012 Curiosity analysis of 'Rocknest' on Mars
WNYC The Takeaway with John Hockenberry: 31-Dec-2012 Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON)

CNN evening: 30-Sep-2012 Alluvial fan on Mars
CNN morning: 8-Aug-2012 First data from Curiosity Rover on Mars
CBS: 25-Apr-2012 Mining asteroids
Wall Street Journal online: 15-Feb-2013 NEO 2012 DA14 close approach
CNN: 15-Feb-2013 Chelyabinsk meteorite
NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams: 15-Feb-2013 Chelyabinsk meteorite
CNN: 15-Feb-2013 Chelyabinsk meteorite 15-Feb-2013 asteroid
NBC News: 16-Feb-2013 Chelyabinsk meteorite
NBC Nightly News: 18-Feb-2013 Chelyabinsk meteorite
FOX-5 Good Day New York: 21-Feb-2013 Meteorites in New York?
Episode 9-Apr-2013 of Time-Warner Cable's "It Ain’t Rocket Science".
CBS New York: 7-Nov-2013 New findings about near Earth asteroids.
BBC America on WNET: 12-Nov-2013 Rosetta's Philae Probe Lands on Comet P67.
Arise America: 12-Nov-2013 Space Probe Lands on Comet.
Mashable: Rosetta-Philae comet landing Why landing on a comet matters Direct link to video
Bloomberg Businessweek 12-Nov-2014 What we can learn from a comet
CNN 12-Nov-2014 Space Probe Lands on Speeding Comet
CBS 30-Dec-2014 NJ meteor streak caught on dashcam
Yahoo News 20-Dec-2014 Brightly burning comet Lovejoy
Yahoo News 17-Jan-2015 NASA's New Horizons mission to Pluto
BBC World News 6-Mar-2015 Dawn mission approaches Ceres
ABC7NY Eyewitness News 28-Sep-2015 Water on Mars!
CBSN New York News 26 July 2019 East Coast Fireball Explained (with Natalie Duddridge)
CBSN New York News 20-Jan-2020 "Worlds Beyond Earth" new Space Show (with Natalie Duddridge)
Fox5 New York News 21-Jan-2020 "Worlds Beyond Earth" new Space Show (with Ernie Anastos)

NY Times podcast 2014 Science Recorder: 19-Jan-2015 Exciting times ahead as New Horizons closes in on Pluto
Ars Technica: 13-Apr-2015 The story of our Solar System, as told by rocks
Worlds Beyond Earth Alex Pasternack, Fast Company, January 2020

Washington Post, 7-Jan-2013 , Brian Palmer: Golden Spike offers trips to the Moon
Popular Science: 15-Feb-2013 , Chaunacy Ferro: Space Rocks 101, the Chelyabinsk meteorite
Daily News: 16-Feb-2013 , Corky Siemasxko: Chelyabinsk meteorite
New York Times, 22-Feb-2013 , Andy Newman: Flashy Meteors Fall on Us, Too
Terra website (Brazil), Bárbara Keller: 16-Feb-2013 Asteroids and meteorites
Bloomberg Businessweek 12-Nov-2014, Justin Bachman: what the Rosetta mission can learn.
Washington Post 12-Nov-2014, Rachel Feltman: Rosetta mission aims to break new ground.
Convergence live show and podcast, 12-Oct-2017 , How are plans for asteroid mining already privatizing space?

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