Protocol for Donating Specimens

  1. Before sending any specimens, please contact Dr. Nancy Simmons ( about the donation, and review the information on the conditions for donation of samples page.
  2. We will accept tissues (samples of muscle tissue or internal organs), wing punches, or hair samples.
  3. Samples must be accompanied by collecting data. To make this process simpler, we are providing an Excel file for recording data. Mandatory data include collector, collection place, collection date, and taxonomic identification down to species level.
  4. Copies of all relevant collecting, import, and export permits must be provided to AMNH.
  5. A signed original of the AMNH Specimen Transfer Form must also be provided.
  6. Samples must be sent in a manner to preserve their genetic integrity. If samples are not preserved in alcohol or other preservative, approved methods of shipment include dry ice or in a dry shipper charged with liquid Nitrogen. The AMNH can provide a dry shipper with advance notice.

If you need information on how to collect wing punches and/or hair samples from bats you are capturing for other research projects please see the wing punch and hair sampling protocols page. General information on how to collect and preserve bat specimens can be found here (PDF).