Additional Information

Assessing Impacts of Wind-Energy Development on Nocturnally Active Birds and Bats: A Guidance Document (PDF)

A paper by Kunz et al. (2007) describing methods and metrics useful for investigating the impacts of wind farms on bats.  Contains a good review of the issues as well as a large bibliography.

White Nose Syndrome, U.S. Fish and Wildlife

Up-to-date information on this serious new threat to North American  bat populations, with links to many other websites.

Bats and Wind Energy Cooperative (BWEC)

A website for exchange of information between researchers, wind energy professionals, and other individuals concerned with the effects of wind farms on bats.

Bat Migration and wind farm mortalities, USGS Fort Collins Science Center

Ongoing work on patterns of migration of North American bats and the relationship between migration and mortalities at wind farms.

Use of stable isotopes to trace migration of bats, USGS Fort Collins Science Center

Information on the use of stable isotope analyses to track migratory patterns of North American tree bats.

Information on collecting and preserving bat specimens (PDF)

This article provides information on how to prepare specimens. Note that for the purposes of this project, AMNH will accept unprepared frozen or dried specimens as well as those specifically collected and prepared as vouchers.

Bat Conservation International

General information on bat conservation, education, and research initiatives involving bats. Our thanks to BCI for providing most of the images on this site.