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Tylochromis lateralis Rheoglanis dendrophorus
Methods Protocols for preparing fish skeletons, enzyme clearing and double staining small specimens, as well as information on collecting techniques,tissue sampling, preservation protocols, and molecular methods.
Taxonomic Keys Illustrated identification keys to genera, and in some cases species, of the fishes of the region. These keys are provisional and apply only to the geographical regions specified. Both English and French versions of keys are available here.
Historical Publications Download pdf's of historically important literature on the region.
Lang Chapin Expeditions Information on Lang and Chapin's American Museum Congo Expedition, 1909-1915. View Image Galleries of all fish species described by Nichols and Griscom from the Lang-Chapin collections. In order to facilitate rapid loading we have kept file sizes small, if you require a larger image please contact Melanie Stiassny directly.
Useful Links Useful links and resources for ichthyological research and conservation in Africa.

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