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Running log of changes and additions

NOTE: OVER THE NEXT TWO MONTHS I WILL MOVING WHICH WILL TAKE MUCH OF MY ATTENTION. SO, UPDATES MAY BE A BIT SLOWER UNTIL ABOUT JUNE. After that updating of the amphibian catalogue will resume and will continue at a more regular pace.  

I attempt to summarize here what work I have done on ASW starting with the online version of 6.0. This log will not include error corrections and the like and I cannot promise that there will not be errors of omission or commission inasmuch as this log is not being constructed automatically and focuses on publications rather than on particular changes and fixes.  

24 April 2014: Addition of Thorius hankeni (Plethodontidae) from the Sierra Madre del Sur of Guerrero, Mexico, by Campbell, Brodie, Flores-Villela, and Smith, 2014, S. Am. J. Herpetol., 9: 46–51. 

15 April 2014: Addition of Amolops chayuensis (Ranidae) from Xizang, China, named by Sun, Luo, Sun, and Zhang, 2013, Forestry Construct., 20: 14–16. 

12 April 2014: Addition of Eurycea subluvicola Steffen, Irwin, Blair, and Bonett, 2014, Zootaxa, 3786: 423–442 (Plethodontidae), from Arkansas, USA. 

10 April 2014: Completed inputting citations where appropriate to Köhler, 2011, Amph. Cent. Am.  

7 April 2014:  Streicher, García-Vázquez, Ponce-Campos, Flores-Villela, Campbell, and Smith, 2014, Syst. Biodivers., 12: 1–22, provided a revision of the Craugastor rhodopis species group, into which they transferred Craugastor occidentalis.  

3 April 2014: Conradie, 2014, Zootaxa, 3785: 438–452, named Cacosternum thorini (Pyxicephalidae) from the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. 

2 April 2014: Caram, Luna-Dias, Hepp, and Carvalho-e-Silva, 2014, Zootaxa, 3784: 294–296, reported on the advertisement call of Dendropsophus pseudomeridianus

2 April 2014: Oliveira, Ruas, Mendes, and Solé, 2014, Zootaxa, 3784: 97–98, reported on the advertisement call of Rhinella crucifer

2 April 2014: Costa, Laranjeiras, Röhr, Magalhães, Juncá, and Garda, 2014, Zootaxa, 3784: 94–96, provided data on the advertisement call of Haddadus aramunha (Craugastoridae). 

2 April 2014: Rosset and Baldo, 2014, Zootaxa, 3784: 79–83, provided data on advertisement call and range, including a spot map, for Odontophrynus lavillai (Odontophrynidae). 

1 April 2014: Addition of Tylototriton liuyangensis (Salamandridae), named by Yang, Jiang, Shen, and Fei, 2014, Asian Herpetol. Res., 5: 1–11. 

1 April 2014: Sunny, Monroy-Vilchis, Fajardo, and Aguilera-Reyes, 2014, Conserv. Genet., 15: 49–59, report on genetic diversity and status of the endangered Ambystoma leorae (Ambystomatidae). 

30 March 2014: Addition of Chiasmocleis haddadi, Chiasmocleis papachibe, and Chiasmocleis royi, as well the synonymy of Chiasmocleis jimi with Chiasmocleis hudsoni as well as revisionary comments from Peloso, Sturaro, Forlani, Gaucher, Motta, and Wheeler, 2014, Bull. Am. Mus. Nat. Hist., 136: 1–112. 

21 March 2014: Naming of Pristimantis munozi (Craugastoridae) from Ecuador by Rojas-Runjaic, Delgado C., and Guayasamin, 2014, Zootaxa, 3780: 36–50. 

21 March 2014:  Huang, Duan, and Ji, 2014, Zootaxa, 3779: 497–500, report on larval morphology of Nanorana quadranus (Dicroglossidae) (as Feirana quadranus, Ranidae). The recognition of Feirana is novel, given its phylogenetic placement. But, even more surprising is the assignment to Ranidae because to accomplish this nomenclatural result requires the synonymy of Dicroglossidae, Rhacophoridae, and Mantellidae with Ranidae.   

21 March 2014: Synonymy of Caecilita Wake and Donnelly, 2010, with Microcaecilia (Siphonopidae) by Wilkinson, Kok, Ahmed, and Gower, 2014, Zootaxa, 3779: 383–388. 

21 March 2014: Ernst, Nienguesso, Lautenschläger, Barej, Schmitz, and Hölting, 2014, Zootaxa, 3779: 297–300, reported a population (likely a new species) of nominal Trichobatrachus robustus (Arthroleptidae) from the Serra do Pingano, Uíge province, northern Angola. 

15 March 2014: Transfer of Ericabatrachus to Petropedetidae by Siu-Ting, Gower, Pisani, Kassahun, Gebresenbet, Menegon, Mengistu, Saber, de Sá, Wilkinson, and Loader, 2014, BMC Evol. Biol., 14(44): 1–26. 

14 March 2014: Added comments with regard to the paper by Ostroshabov, Orlov, and Nguyen, 2013, Russ. J. Herpetol., 20: 301–324, where the species similar to Rhacophorus hoanglienensis and Rhacophorus orlovi in northern Vietnam were discussed, along with the naming to two species, Rhacophorus larissae and Rhacophorus viridimaculatus.

14 March 2014: Addition of relevant comments to accounts from Barrow, Ralicki, Emme, and Lemmon, 2014, Mol. Phylogenet. Evol., 75: 78–90, to the systematics of Pseudacris and providing a proof-of-concept for a new sequencing method.  

13 March 2014: Addition of Liuixalus calcarius and Philautus catbaensis (Rhacophoridae) by Milto, Poyarkov, Orlov, and Nguyen, 2013, Russ. J. Herpetol., 20: 287–300. 

12 March 2014: Addition of relevant citations to Conlon, Kolodziejek, Mechkarska, Coquet, Leprince, Jouenne, Vaudry, Nielsen, Nowotny, and King, 2014, Comp. Biochem. Physiol., Part D, 9: 49–57, who discussed some ranid phylogenetic relationships based on peptide structure.  

10 March 2014: Addition of citation to Vieira, Arzabe, and Vieira, 2006, Check List, 2: 55–56, who provided a range extension of Leptodactylus caatingae to Paraíba, Brazil. 

9 March 2014: Addition of citation to Meng, Tao, Murphy, and Li, 2013, Acta Zootaxon. Sinica, 38: 679–686, who discussed the biogeography of Chinese amphibians with respect to plate tectonics. 

9 March 2014: Addition of the new species Liuixalus catbaensis (Rhacophoridae), named by Nguyen, Matsui, and Yoshikawa, 2014, Curr. Herpetol., Kyoto, 33: 29–37. This turns out to be a junior synonym of Liuixalus calcarius fide T.T. Nguyen, personal communication. 

9 March 2014: Addition of the species  Leptobrachium kantonishikawai (Megophryidae) from Sarawak, Malaysia, named by Hamidy and Matsui, 2014, Curr. Herpetol., Kyoto, 33: 57–67. 

8 March 2014: Addition of citation to Cruz, Marciano, and Napoli, 2014, Zootaxa, 3774: 97–102, who reported on advertisement and courtship calls of Phyllodytes wuchereri (Hylidae). 

5 March 2014: Addition of the new species Amazophrynella manaos (Bufonidae) named by Rojas, Carvalho, Gordo, Ávila, Farias, and Hrbek, 2014, Zootaxa, 3753: 79–95, who also discussed the phylogenetics of the group. 

5 March 2014: Addition of the new species, Trachycephalus helio (Hylidae) from Brazil by Nunes, Suárez, Gordo, and Pombal, 2013, Copeia, 2013: 634–640. 

3 March 2014: Addition of citations to Tominaga, Matsui, and Nakata, 2014, Zool. Sci., Tokyo, 31: 64–70, who reported on the genetic diversification within and among populations of Babina holsti (Ranidae).

2 March 2014: Addition of reports on vocal repertoire of Physalaemus cuvieri (Leptodactylidae) by Gambale and Bastos, 2014, Herpetol. J., 24: 31–39.

2 March 2014: Addition of citation to account of Hyperolius discodactylus (Hyperoliidae) with discussion of types, morphology, and range by Liedtke, Hügli, Dehling, Pupin, Menegon, Plumptre, Kujirakwinja, and Loader, 2014, Zootaxa, 3768: 253–290. 

1 March 2014: Addition of range extension and discussion of distribution of Leptodactylus chaquensis (Leptodactylidae) by Oda, Santos, Gambale, Campos, Batista, and Affonso, 2014, Herpetozoa, Wien, 26: 195–200. 

28 Feb 2014: Addition of range extension of Adelphobates castaneoticus (Dendrobatidae) by Camera and Krinski, 2014, Check List, 10: 244–245. 

28 Feb 2014: Addition of citation to and synonymies by Oliver, Rittmeyer, Kraus, Richards, and Austin, 2013, Mol. Phylogenet. Evol., 67: 600–607, who reported on the molecular phylogenetics and biogeography of Mantophryne, including a reassignment of Pherohapsis menziesi to Mantophryne and Mantophryne infulata to Hylophorbus (Microhylidae). 

27 Feb 2014: Addition of citations to Sabino-Pinto, Mayerl, Meilink, Grasso, Raaijmakers, Russo, Segal, Stegen, Clegg, Srikanthan, Glaw, and Vences, 2014, Herpetol. Notes, 7: 67–73, who reported on the advertisement call of Gephyromantis webbi, G. rivicola, and G. silvanus (Mantellidae). 

27 Feb 2014: Addition of citation to Zank, Colombo, Adams, Borba, and Borges-Martins, 2013, Herpetol. Notes, 6: 555–557, first records of Melanophryniscus sanmartini (Microhylidae) from Brazil. 

27 Feb 2014: Jablonski, Balej, Jůna, and Homolka, 2013, Herpetol. Notes, 6: 563–566, discuss low elevation (below 200 m) records of Salamandra salamandra (Salamandridae) in Slovenia, Croatia, and Bulgaria.  

26 Feb 2014: Addition of three species of Oreophryne (O. cameroni, O. parkopanorum, O. gagneorum; Microhylidae) from Papua New Guinea, by Kraus, 2013, Zookeys, 333: 93–121. 

25 Feb 2014: Addition of citations to Subramanian, Dinesh, and Radhakrishnan, 2013, Atlas of Endemic Amph. W. Ghats: 1–246, in all relevant accounts. 

24 Feb 2014: Addition of citations to Mapouyat, Hirschfeld, Rödel, Liedtke, Loader, Gonwouo, Dahmen, Doherty-Bone, and Barej, 2014, Zootaxa, 3765: 29–53, who reported on larval morphology of nine species of Leptodactylodon (Arthroleptidae). 

24 Feb 2014: Addition of Gastrotheca aguaruna and G. aratia, redelimitation of G. monticola, and resurrection of G. lojana (Hemiphractidae) by Duellman, Barley, and Venegas, 2014, Zootaxa, 3768: 159–177. 

23 Feb 2014: Addition of Pseudopaludicola pocoto (Leptodactylidae) a new species from northeastern Brazil: Magalhães, Loebmann, Kokubum, Haddad, and Garda, 2014, Herpetologica, 70: 77–88. 

23 Feb 2014: Leptopelis anebos, a new species from the Democratic Republic of Congo, by Portillo and Greenbaum, 2014, Herpetologica, 70: 100–119. 

22 Feb 2014: Naming of new West African frog family, Odontobatrachidae by Barej, Schmitz, Günther, Loader, Mahlow, and Rödel, 2014, Frontiers Zool., 11(8): 1–27. 

22 Feb 2014: Rediscovery of Pseudophilautus hypomelas; Wickramasinghe, Vidanapathirana, Rajeev, and Wickramasinghe, 2013, J. Threatened Taxa, 5: 5181–5193. 

20 Feb 2014: Confirmation of synonymy of Hyperolius alticola with H. discodactylus by Liedtke, Hügli, Dehling, Pupin, Menegon, Plumptre, Kujirakwinja, and Loader, 2014, Zootaxa, 3768: 253–290, as well as substantial discussion of H. discodactylus

15 Feb 2014: Naming of Ansonia lumut in Chan, Wood, Anuar, Muin, Quah, Sumarli, and Grismer, 2014, Zootaxa, 3764: 427–440. 

14 Feb 2014: Resurrection of Amolops tuberodepressus and discussion of systematics of the Amolops mantzorum complex in  Lu, Bi, and Fu, 2014, Mol. Phylogenet. Evol., 73: 40–52. 

10 Feb 2014: Resurrection of Nyctimystes (Hylidae: Pelodryadinae) and addition of four new species: Kraus, 2013, Mem. Queensland Mus., 56: 581–587, and Menzies, 2014, Alytes, 30: 42–68. This was a tough decision to allow paraphyly back into Pelodraydinae. Recognition of Nyctimystes clearly requires the paraphyly of Litoria but this does not seem to trouble the people working on the groups. 

25 Jan 2014: Addition of Microhyla mymensinghensis and M. mukhlesuri (Microhylidae), both named by Hasan, Islam, Kuramoto, Kurabayashi, and Sumida, 2014, Zootaxa, 3755: 401–418. 

24 Jan 2014: Addition of citations in records to Arteaga-Navarro, Bustamante, and Guayasamin, 2013, Amph. Rept. Mindo and naming of Pristimantis mindo. This publication clearly includes many previous unpublished range extensions but because they did not include province boundaries in their maps, it was rarely clear to me what were new records.  

23 Jan 2014: Addition of citations to Kurabayashi and Sumida, 2013, BMC Genomics, 14 (633): 1–17, regarding the phylogenomics and phylogenetics of frogs. 

23 Jan 2014: Addition of citations to Dodd, 2013, Frogs U.S. and Canada, 1&2 (North American frogs), and Freilich, Tollis, and Boissinot, 2014, Mol. Phylogenet. Evol., 71 : 157–169 (Ethiopian highland Ptychadena). 

18 Jan 2014: Addition of Rhinella yunga (in the Rhinella margaritifera group, Bufonidae) and modifications of comments required by the recognition of the Rhinella festae group of Moravec, Lehr, Cusi, Córdova, and Gvoždík, 2014, ZooKeys, 371: 35–56. 

18 Jan 2014: Addition of new species (Hypsiboas almendarizae, H. maculateralis, H. alfaroi, and H. tetete, the resurrection of H. steinbachi and redelimitation of H. fasciatus and H. calcaratus (Hylidae) required by these changes; all from Caminer and Ron, 2014, ZooKeys, 370 : 1–63. 

17 Jan 2014: addition of Chiromantis inexpectatus (Rhacophoridae) and relevant comments from Matsui, Shimada, and Sudin, 2014, Zool. Sci., Tokyo, 31: 45–51. 

17 Jan 2014: Changes made relevant to Barej, Rödel, Loader, Menegon, Gonwouo, Penner, Gvoždík, Günther, Bell, Nagel, and Schmitz, 2014, Mol. Phylogenet. Evol., 71 : 261–273, involving the resurrection of Arthroleptides, restriction of Petropedetes, and naming of Odontobatrachus n. gen., of uncertain position. 

17 January 2014: Version 6.0 went live.