Uperodon globulosus (Günther, 1864)

Class: Amphibia > Order: Anura > Family: Microhylidae > Subfamily: Microhylinae > Genus: Uperodon > Species: Uperodon globulosus

Cacopus globulosus Günther, 1864, Rept. Brit. India: 416. Syntypes: BMNH (2 specimens) according to Boulenger, 1882, Cat. Batr. Sal. Coll. Brit. Mus., Ed. 2: 175; BMNH considered a syntype by Parker, 1934, Monogr. Frogs Fam. Microhylidae: 76. Type locality: "Russelconda (Madras Presidency)", Orissa, India.

Systoma globulosumCope, 1867, J. Acad. Nat. Sci. Philadelphia, Ser. 2, 6: 194.

Uperodon globulosumParker, 1931, Arch. Zool. Ital. Torino, 16: 1243.

Uperodon globulosusFrost, 1985, Amph. Species World: 391.

English Names

Indian Globular Frog (Frank and Ramus, 1995, Compl. Guide Scient. Common Names Amph. Rept. World: 93).

Balloon Frog (Ananjeva, Borkin, Darevsky, and Orlov, 1988, Dict. Amph. Rept. Five Languages: 102).

Indian Balloon Frog (Schleich, Anders, and Kästle, 2002, in Schleich and Kästle (eds.), Amph. Rept. Nepal: 79; Ahmed, Das, and Dutta, 2009, Amph. Rept. NE India: 34; Dinesh, Radhakrishnan, Gururaja, and Bhatta, 2009, Rec. Zool. Surv. India, Occas. Pap., 302: 59; Mathew and Sen, 2010, Pict. Guide Amph. NE India: 69).

Grey Balloon Frog (Das and Dutta, 1998, Hamadryad, 23: 64).

Greater Balloon Frog (Daniels, 2005, Amph. Peninsular India: 137).

Balloon Frog (Daniels, 2005, Amph. Peninsular India: 137).


Southern Nepal and northeastern India (Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, and Orissa) to Gujarat, southwestward to Karnataka and Kerala, India; adjacent Bangladesh (Rashput, Nilphamari, and Kushtia Sadar).


Dutta and Manamendra-Arachchi, 1996, Amph. Fauna Sri Lanka: 57, rejected an early record for Sri Lanka as a misidentification. Biju, 2001, Occas. Publ. Indian Soc. Conserv. Biol., 1: 9, regarded the records of this taxon from the Western Ghats to apply to an undescribed species. See Choudhury, Hussain, Buruah, Saikia, and Sengupta, 2002, Hamadryad, 26: 277, for comment regarding range. Chanda, 2002, Handb. Indian Amph.: 46-49, provided a brief account. Anders, 2002, in Schleich and Kästle (eds.), Amph. Rept. Nepal: 195-198, provided an extensive account for Nepalese population. See account by Shrestha, 2001, Herpetol. Nepal: 74-76. Sarkar, Biswas, and Ray, 1992, State Fauna Ser., 3: 74, provided a brief account for West Bengal, India. Srinivasulu, Siliwal, Rajesh, Venkateschwarulu, Siva Rama Krishna, Rao, and Rao, 2006, Hamadryad, 30: 197-199, reported the species from Andhra Pradesh, India. Dutta, 1997, Amph. India Sri Lanka: 67-68, provided relevant literature and range. Daniels, 2005, Amph. Peninsular India: 137-139, provided an account for peninsular India. Ahmed, Das, and Dutta, 2009, Amph. Rept. NE India: 34, provided a brief account for northeastern India. Mathew and Sen, 2010, Pict. Guide Amph. NE India: 69, provided a brief characterization and photograph. Mahony, Hasan, Kabir, Ahmed, and Hossain, 2009, Hamadryad, 34: 80-94, discussed the vouchered range in Bangladesh. See Shah and Tiwari, 2004, Herpetofauna Nepal: 39, for brief account for Nepal. Sarker, Howlader, and Kabir, 2012, Herpetol. Rev., 43: 301-302, provided a record from northern Bangladesh and commented on the range. Hasan, Rabbe, and Alam, 2017, Herpetol. Rev., 48: 808, reported the species from Kushtia Sadar, Khulna Division, Bangladesh, and discussed the range in that species. 

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