Search for Taxon: Polypedates occidentalis

Class: Amphibia
Order: Anura
Subfamily: Arthroleptinae
Species: Cardioglossa occidentalis
Synonym: Cardioglossa occidentalis Blackburn, Kosuch, Schmitz, Burger, Wagner, Gonwouo, Hillers, and Rödel, 2008
Species: Astylosternus occidentalis
Synonym: Astylosternus occidentalis Parker, 1931
Subfamily: Leptopelinae
Species: Leptopelis natalensis
Synonym: Polypedates natalensis Smith, 1849
Species: Leptopelis occidentalis
Synonym: Leptopelis occidentalis Schiøtz, 1967
Superfamily: Brachycephaloidea
Subfamily: Craugastorinae
Species: Craugastor occidentalis
Synonym: Eleutherodactylus occidentalis Taylor, 1941
Synonym: Hylactophryne occidentalis Lynch, 1976
Synonym: Eleutherodactylus (Craugastor) occidentalis Lynch, 1996
Synonym: Craugastor occidentalis Crawford and Smith, 2005
Synonym: Craugastor (Craugastor) occidentalis Hedges, Duellman, and Heinicke, 2008
Species: Breviceps adspersus
Synonym: Breviceps mossambicus var. occidentalis Werner, 1903
Family: Bufonidae
Genus: Incilius
Species: Incilius occidentalis
Synonym: Bufo occidentalis Camerano, 1879
Synonym: Cranopsis occidentalis Frost, Grant, Faivovich, Bain, Haas, Haddad, de Sá, Channing, Wilkinson, Donnellan, Raxworthy, Campbell, Blotto, Moler, Drewes, Nussbaum, Lynch, Green, and Wheeler, 2006
Synonym: Ollotis occidentalis Frost, Grant, and Mendelson, 2006
Synonym: Incilius occidentalis Frost, Mendelson, and Pramuk, 2009
Species: Nimbaphrynoides occidentalis
Synonym: Nectophrynoides occidentalis occidentalis Sandberger-Loua, Hillers, Doumbia, Loua, Brede, and Rödel, 2010
Synonym: Nectophrynoides occidentalis Angel, 1943
Synonym: Nimbaphrynoides occidentalis Dubois, 1987
Synonym: Nectophrynoides occidentalis liberiensis Sandberger-Loua, Hillers, Doumbia, Loua, Brede, and Rödel, 2010
Species: Osornophryne occidentalis
Synonym: Osornophryne occidentalis Cisneros-Heredia and Gluesenkamp, 2011
Genus: Cornufer
Species: Cornufer papuensis
Synonym: Platymantis papuensis occidentalis Menzies, 1982
Subfamily: Dicroglossinae
Species: Limnonectes hascheanus
Synonym: Polypedates Hascheanus Stoliczka, 1870
Species: Limnonectes khasianus
Synonym: Polypedates affinis Boulenger, 1882
Family: Hylidae
Subfamily: Acridinae
Species: Pseudacris ornata
Synonym: Litoria occidentalis Baird and Girard, 1853
Synonym: Chorophilus occidentalis Cope, 1889
Synonym: Pseudacris occidentalis Stejneger and Barbour, 1917
Synonym: Hyla occidentalis Noble, 1923
Subfamily: Hylinae
Genus: Hyla
Species: Hyla annectans
Synonym: Polypedates annectans Jerdon, 1870
Subfamily: Pseudinae
Genus: Pseudis
Species: Pseudis platensis
Synonym: Pseudus paradoxus occidentalis Gallardo, 1961
Species: Hyperolius occidentalis
Synonym: Hyperolius occidentalis Schiøtz, 1967
Species: Leptodactylus melanonotus
Synonym: Leptodactylus occidentalis Taylor, 1937
Subfamily: Boophinae
Genus: Boophis
Species: Boophis goudotii
Synonym: Polypedates goudotii Duméril and Bibron, 1841
Synonym: Polypedates goudoti var. variolosa Steindachner, 1864
Species: Boophis occidentalis
Synonym: Boophis albilabris occidentalis Glaw and Vences, 1994
Synonym: Boophis occidentalis Andreone, Vences, Guarino, Glaw, and Randrianirina, 2002
Synonym: Boophis (Boophis) occidentalis Glaw and Vences, 2006
Species: Boophis tephraeomystax
Synonym: Polypedates tephraeomystax Duméril, 1853
Synonym: Polypedates crossleyi Peters, 1874
Synonym: Polypedates dispar Boettger, 1878
Synonym: Polypedates dispar var. leucopleura Boettger, 1881
Subfamily: Mantellinae
Species: Mantidactylus lugubris
Synonym: Polypedates lugubris Duméril, 1853
Genus: Scutiger
Species: Scutiger occidentalis
Synonym: Scutiger occidentalis Dubois, 1978
Synonym: Scutiger (Scutiger) occidentalis Dubois, 1980
Species: Micrixalus saxicola
Synonym: Polypedates saxicola Jerdon, 1853
Subfamily: Asterophryinae
Species: Vietnamophryne occidentalis
Synonym: Vietnamophryne occidentalis Poyarkov, Suwannapoom, Pawangkhanant, Aksornneam, Duong, Korost, and Che, 2018
Superfamily: Myobatrachoidea
Species: Platyplectrum ornatum
Synonym: Opisthodon occidentalis Wells and Wellington, 1985
Species: Pseudophryne occidentalis
Synonym: Pseudophryne occidentalis Parker, 1940
Synonym: Kankanophryne occidentalis Heyer and Liem, 1976
Synonym: Pseudophryne occidentalis Tyler, 1978
Species: Odontophrynus occidentalis
Synonym: Ceratophrys occidentalis Berg, 1896
Synonym: Odontophrynus occidentalis Müller, 1934
Subfamily: Pelodryadinae
Genus: Ranoidea
Species: Ranoidea occidentalis
Synonym: Cyclorana occidentalis Anstis, Price, Roberts, Catalano, Hines, Doughty, and Donnellan, 2016
Subfamily: Pyxicephalinae
Genus: Aubria
Species: Aubria subsigillata
Synonym: Aubria occidentalis Perret, 1995
Family: Ranidae
Genus: Amnirana
Species: Amnirana occidentalis
Synonym: Hylarana lepus occidentalis Perret, 1960
Synonym: Hylarana occidentalis Perret, 1977
Synonym: Rana occidentalis Perret, 1985
Synonym: Rana (Hylarana) occidentalis Dubois, 1987
Synonym: Rana (Amnirana) occidentalis Dubois, 1992
Synonym: Amnirana occidentalis Channing, 2001
Synonym: Hydrophylax occidentalis Frost, Grant, Faivovich, Bain, Haas, Haddad, de Sá, Channing, Wilkinson, Donnellan, Raxworthy, Campbell, Blotto, Moler, Drewes, Nussbaum, Lynch, Green, and Wheeler, 2006
Synonym: Hylarana occidentalis Che, Pang, Zhao, Wu, Zhao, and Zhang, 2007
Genus: Amolops
Species: Amolops afghanus
Synonym: Polypedates afghana Günther, 1858
Synonym: Rana (Polypedates) afghana Boulenger in Mason, 1882
Species: Amolops formosus
Synonym: Polypedates formosus Günther, 1876
Species: Amolops mantzorum
Synonym: Polypedates mantzorum David, 1872
Species: Amolops marmoratus
Synonym: Polypedates (?) marmoratus Blyth, 1855
Species: Chalcorana chalconota
Synonym: Polypedates chalconotus Tschudi, 1838
Synonym: Polypedates junghunii Bleeker, 1856
Species: Chalcorana raniceps
Synonym: Polypedates raniceps Peters, 1871
Genus: Hylarana
Species: Hylarana erythraea
Synonym: Polypedates erythraea Bourret, 1942
Genus: Odorrana
Species: Odorrana andersonii
Synonym: Polypedates yunnanensis Anderson, 1879
Synonym: Polypedates yunnanensis Mason, 1882
Species: Odorrana chloronota
Synonym: Polypedates chloronotus Günther, 1876
Species: Odorrana livida
Synonym: Polypedates lividus Blyth, 1856
Species: Pulchrana signata
Synonym: Polypedates signatus Günther, 1872
Species: Pulchrana similis
Synonym: Polypedates similis Günther, 1873
Genus: Staurois
Species: Staurois guttatus
Synonym: Polypedates guttatus Günther, 1872
Genus: Indirana
Species: Indirana beddomii
Synonym: Polypedates beddomii Günther, 1876
Species: Indirana brachytarsus
Synonym: Polypedates brachytarsus Günther, 1876
Species: Walkerana leptodactyla
Synonym: Polypedates brevipalmatus Günther, 1876
Subfamily: Buergeriinae
Species: Buergeria buergeri
Synonym: Polypedates bürgeri Duméril and Bibron, 1841
Synonym: Polypedates burgeri Hallowell, 1861
Synonym: Polypedates mackloti Peters, 1871
Synonym: Polypedates buergeri Stejneger, 1907
Species: Buergeria japonica
Synonym: Polypedates japonicus Stejneger, 1907
Species: Buergeria oxycephala
Synonym: Polypedates oxycephalus Gee and Boring, 1929
Species: Buergeria robusta
Synonym: Polypedates robustus Stejneger, 1910
Subfamily: Rhacophorinae
Species: Beddomixalus bijui
Synonym: Polypedates bijui Zachariah, Dinesh, Radhakrishnan, Kunhikrishnan, Palot, and Vishnudas, 2011
Species: Chiromantis rufescens
Synonym: Polypedates rufescens Günther, 1869
Species: Ghatixalus variabilis
Synonym: Polypedates variabilis Jerdon, 1853
Synonym: Polypedates pleurostictus Günther, 1864
Species: Kurixalus appendiculatus
Synonym: Polypedates appendiculatus Günther, 1858
Species: Kurixalus eiffingeri
Synonym: Polypedates eiffingeri Stejneger, 1907
Species: Kurixalus naso
Synonym: Polypedates naso Fei, Ye, and Huang, 1990
Species: Nasutixalus jerdonii
Synonym: Polypedates jerdonii Günther, 1876
Species: Philautus everetti
Synonym: Polypedates everetti Taylor, 1920
Species: Philautus surdus
Synonym: Polypedates surdus Peters, 1863
Genus: Polypedates
Synonym: Polypedates Tschudi, 1838
Species: Polypedates assamensis
Synonym: Polypedates assamensis Mathew and Sen, 2009
Species: Polypedates braueri
Synonym: Polypedates baueri Kuraishi, Matsui, Ota, and Chen, 2011
Species: Polypedates chlorophthalmus
Synonym: Polypedates chlorophthalmus Das, 2005
Species: Polypedates colletti
Synonym: Polypedates colletti Günther, 1895
Species: Polypedates cruciger
Synonym: Polypedates cruciger Blyth, 1852
Synonym: Polypedates biscutiger Peters, 1871
Species: Polypedates discantus
Synonym: Polypedates discantus Rujirawan, Stuart, and Aowphol, 2013
Species: Polypedates hecticus
Synonym: Polypedates hecticus Peters, 1863
Synonym: Polypedates hecticus Taylor, 1920
Species: Polypedates impresus
Synonym: Polypedates impresus Yang, 2008
Species: Polypedates insularis
Synonym: Polypedates insularis Das, 1995
Species: Polypedates iskandari
Synonym: Polypedates iskandari Riyanto, Mumpuni, and McGuire, 2011
Species: Polypedates leucomystax
Synonym: Polypedates leucomystax Tschudi, 1838
Synonym: Polypedates rugosus Duméril and Bibron, 1841
Synonym: Polypedates quadrilineatus Günther, 1859
Synonym: Polypedates maculatus quadrilineatus Fischer, 1885
Synonym: Rhacophorus (Polypedates) leucomystax Bourret, 1927
Synonym: Rhacophorus (Polypedates) quadrilineatus Bourret, 1927
Synonym: Polypedates leucomystax Dutta, 1997
Species: Polypedates macrotis
Synonym: Polypedates macrotis Günther, 1895
Synonym: Polypedates linki Taylor, 1922
Synonym: Rhacophorus (Polypedates) macrotis Bossuyt and Dubois, 2001
Species: Polypedates maculatus
Synonym: Polypedates maculatus Günther, 1859
Synonym: Rhacophorus (Polypedates) maculatus Bourret, 1927
Species: Polypedates megacephalus
Synonym: Polypedates megacephalus Hallowell, 1861
Synonym: Polypedates maculatus var. unicolor Müller, 1878
Synonym: Polypedates megacephalus Matsui, Seto, and Utsunomiya, 1986
Species: Polypedates mutus
Synonym: Polypedates mutus Inger, 1985
Species: Polypedates occidentalis
Synonym: Polypedates occidentalis Das and Dutta, 2006
Species: Polypedates otilophus
Synonym: Polypedates otilophus Liem, 1970
Species: Polypedates pseudocruciger
Synonym: Polypedates pseudocruciger Das and Ravichandran, 1998
Species: Polypedates pseudotilophus
Synonym: Polypedates pseudotilophus Matsui, Hamidy, and Kuraishi, 2014
Species: Polypedates ranwellai
Synonym: Polypedates ranwellai Wickramasinghe, Munindradasa, and Fernando, 2012
Species: Polypedates subansiriensis
Synonym: Polypedates subanseriensis Mathew and Sen, 2009
Species: Polypedates taeniatus
Synonym: Polypedates taeniatus Anders, Diener, and Schleich, 1998
Species: Polypedates zed
Synonym: Polypedates zed Anders, 2002
Species: Pseudophilautus cavirostris
Synonym: Polypedates cavirostris Günther, 1869
Species: Pseudophilautus fergusonianus
Synonym: Rhacophorus (Polypedates) fergusonii Müller, 1887
Species: Pseudophilautus microtympanum
Synonym: Polypedates microtympanum Günther, 1858
Synonym: Rhacophorus (Polypedates) microtympanum Müller, 1885
Species: Pseudophilautus nanus
Synonym: Polypedates nanus Günther, 1869
Species: Pseudophilautus reticulatus
Synonym: Polypedates reticulatus Günther, 1864
Species: Pseudophilautus schmarda
Synonym: Polypedates (?) Schmarda Kelaart, 1854
Synonym: Polypedates (?) Schmardana Kelaart, 1854
Species: Pseudophilautus stellatus
Synonym: Polypedates stellata Kelaart, 1853
Species: Rhacophorus arboreus
Synonym: Polypedates schlegelii var. arborea Okada and Kawano, 1924
Synonym: Polypedates schlegelii var. intermedia Okada and Kawano, 1924
Species: Rhacophorus burmanus
Synonym: Polypedates (Rhacophorus) dennysii burmana Andersson, 1939
Synonym: Polypedates gongshanensis Fei, Ye, and Huang, 1990
Species: Rhacophorus chenfui
Synonym: Polypedates chenfui Jiang, Hu, and Zhao, 1987
Species: Rhacophorus dennysi
Synonym: Polypedates dennysi Stejneger, 1925
Synonym: Polypedates feyi Chen, 1929
Synonym: Polypedates dennysi Liem, 1970
Species: Rhacophorus dorsoviridis
Synonym: Polypedates dorsoviridis Orlov, Lathrop, Murphy, and Ho, 2001
Species: Rhacophorus duboisi
Synonym: Polypedates pingbianensis Kou, Hu, and Gao, 2001
Synonym: Polypedates duboisi Orlov, Murphy, Ananjeva, Ryabov, and Ho, 2002
Synonym: Polypedates spinus Yang, 2008
Species: Rhacophorus dugritei
Synonym: Polypedates dugritei David, 1872
Synonym: Polypedates davidi Sauvage, 1877
Synonym: Polypedates bambusicola Pope, 1931
Synonym: Polypedates dugritei Liem, 1970
Synonym: Polypedates dugritei Fei, Ye, and Huang, 1990
Species: Rhacophorus feae
Synonym: Polypedates feae Liem, 1970
Species: Rhacophorus hui
Synonym: Polypedates zhaojuensis Wu and Zheng, 1994
Species: Rhacophorus hungfuensis
Synonym: Polypedates hungfuensis Jiang, Hu, and Zhao, 1987
Species: Rhacophorus margaritifer
Synonym: Polypedates javanus Barbour, 1912
Species: Rhacophorus nigropalmatus
Synonym: Polypedates (Rhacophorus) nigropalmatus Siedlecki, 1909
Species: Rhacophorus nigropunctatus
Synonym: Polypedates nigropunctatus Jiang, Hu, and Zhao, 1987
Species: Rhacophorus omeimontis
Synonym: Polypedates omeimontis Stejneger, 1924
Synonym: Polypedates omeimontis Liem, 1970
Species: Rhacophorus owstoni
Synonym: Polypedates owstoni Stejneger, 1907
Synonym: Polypedates schlegeli owstoni Van Denburgh, 1912
Species: Rhacophorus pardalis
Synonym: Polypedates pardalis Taylor, 1920
Species: Rhacophorus prasinatus
Synonym: Polypedates prasinatus Chou, 1993
Species: Rhacophorus puerensis
Synonym: Polypedates puerensis He, 1999
Species: Rhacophorus reinwardtii
Synonym: Polypedates reinwardtii Siedlecki, 1909
Species: Rhacophorus schlegelii
Synonym: Polypedates schlegelii Günther, 1858
Synonym: Polypedates schlegelii Stejneger, 1907
Species: Rhacophorus smaragdinus
Synonym: Polypedates smaragdinus Blyth, 1852
Species: Rhacophorus tuberculatus
Synonym: Polypedates tuberculatus Anderson, 1871
Species: Rhacophorus viridis
Synonym: Polypedates viridis Hallowell, 1861
Synonym: Polypedates viridis Stejneger, 1907
Synonym: Polypedates schlegelii viridis Van Denburgh, 1912
Species: Rhacophorus yaoshanensis
Synonym: Polypedates yaoshanensis Fei, Ye, and Huang, 1990
Genus: Taruga
Species: Taruga eques
Synonym: Polypedates eques Günther, 1858
Synonym: Polypedates eques Dutta and Manamendra-Arachchi, 1996
Species: Taruga fastigo
Synonym: Polypedates fastigo Manamendra-Arachchi and Pethiyagoda, 2001
Species: Taruga longinasus
Synonym: Polypedates nasutus Günther, 1869
Synonym: Polypedates longinasus Dutta and Manamendra-Arachchi, 1996
Species: Theloderma leporosum
Synonym: Polypedates leprosus Günther, 1887
Order: Caudata
Species: Bolitoglossa occidentalis
Synonym: Bolitoglossa occidentalis Taylor, 1941
Synonym: Bolitoglossa (Nanotriton) occidentalis Parra-Olea, García-París, and Wake, 2004
Genus: Caecilia
Species: Caecilia occidentalis
Synonym: Caecilia occidentalis Taylor, 1968
Species: Dermophis occidentalis
Synonym: Dermophis occidentalis Taylor, 1955
Species: Geotrypetes seraphini
Synonym: Geotrypetes seraphini occidentalis Parker, 1936