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Class: Amphibia
Order: Anura
Species: Hyperolius marmoratus
Synonym: Rappia insignis Günther, 1869
Synonym: Hyperolius marmoratus insignis Laurent, 1951
Species: Hyperolius parallelus
Synonym: Hyperolius insignis Bocage, 1868
Synonym: Rappia marmorata var. insignis Bocage, 1895
Subfamily: Asterophryinae
Species: Callulops microtis
Synonym: Mantophryne microtis Werner, 1901
Species: Callulops robustus
Synonym: Mantophryne robusta Boulenger, 1898
Species: Hylophorbus infulatus
Synonym: Mantophryne infulata Burton, 1986
Genus: Mantophryne
Synonym: Mantophryne Boulenger, 1897
Species: Mantophryne axanthogaster
Synonym: Mantophryne axanthogaster Kraus and Allison, 2009
Species: Mantophryne insignis
Synonym: Mantophryne insignis Günther and Richards, 2016
Species: Mantophryne lateralis
Synonym: Mantophryne lateralis Boulenger, 1897
Synonym: Mantophryne lateralis Burton, 1986
Species: Mantophryne louisiadensis
Synonym: Mantophryne louisiadensis Burton, 1986
Species: Mantophryne menziesi
Synonym: Mantophryne menziesi Oliver, Rittmeyer, Kraus, Richards, and Austin, 2013