Running log of changes and additions, 2018

I attempt to summarize here what work I have done on ASW starting 1 January 2018. (Previous additions and changes are in another file.) This log will not include error corrections and the like and I cannot promise that there will not be errors of omission or commission inasmuch as this log is not being constructed automatically and focuses on publications rather than on particular changes and fixes.

18 June 2018: Added a comment under Ambystoma ordinarium (Ambystomatidae) noting the publication of Escalera-Vazquez, Hernández-Guzmán, Soto-Rojas, and Suazo-Ortuño, 2018, Herpetologica, 74: 117–126, who discussed the potential range of the species and its conservation. 

18 June 2018: Added a comment under Isthmura bellii (Plethodontidae) noting the publication of Domínguez-Vega, Zuria, and Fernández-Badillo, 2018, Herpetol. Notes, 39: 239–244, who reported the species in arid tropical scrub in Hidalgo, Mexico, and dwho iscussed the range. 

18 June 2018: Added a comment under Anura noting the publication of  Beçak, 2014, Genet. Mol. Res., 1: 5995-6014, who reported on polyploidy and epigenetic events in the evolution of Anura.  

17 June 2018: Added comments under the accounts for Mongolian species (Bufotes pewzowi [Bufonidae[, Strauchbufo raddei [Bufonidae], Dryophytes japonicus [Hylidae], Rana amurensis [Ranidae], and Rana chensinensis [Ranidae], noting the publication of Kuzmin, Dunayev, Munkhbayar, Munkhbaatar, and Terbish, 2017, in Kuzmin (ed.), Amph. Mongolia: 46–208. 

16 June 2018: Added a comment under Telmatobius philippii (Telmatobiidae) noting the publication of Lobos, Rebolledo, Sandoval, Canales, and Perez-Quezada, 2018, S. Am. J. Herpetol., 13: 33–43, reported on natural history of a population related closely to, or possibly conspecific with, Telmatobius philippii from the Ascotan salt flat region at an elevation 3720 m in the Antofagasta Region, Bolivia. 

16 June 2018: Added comments under Pelophylax kurtmuelleri (Ranidae) and Pelophylax shqipericus noting the publication of Vucić, Jelić, Klobučar, Prkljačić, and Jelić, 2018, Salamandra, 54: 147–157, who reported on hybridization levels in Lake Skadar, Montenego. 

16 June 2018: Added a comment under Pelophylax lessonae (Ranidae) noting the publication of Zeisset and Hoogesteger, 2018, Herpetol. J., 28: 63–72, who reported on mtDNA phylogeography. 

16 June 2018: Added comments under Pelophylax lessonae (Ranidae), Epidalea calamita (Bufonidae), Bufo bufo (Bufonidae), and Triturus cristatus (Salamandridae) noting the publication of Beebee, 2018, Herpetol. J., 28: 51–62, who discussed genetic studies relating to conservation in Britain. 

16 June 2018: Added a comment and modified the range statement for Eleutherodactylus planirostris (Eleutherodactylidae) to reflect the publication of Contreras-Calvario, Mora-Reyes, Parra-Olea, and Mendoza, 2018, Herpetol. J., 28: 96–99, who provided a new record for Veracruz, Mexico, and summarized the literature for Mexican introduced populations. 

16 June 2018: Added a comment and modified the range statements for Bromeliohyla dendroscarta (Hylidae) and Megastomatohyla mixomaculata to reflect the publication of Canseco-Márquez, Aguilar-López, Luría-Manzano, Gutiérrez-Mayén, and Hernandez-Benitez, 2018, Herpetol. Notes, 11: 23–29, who reported the species from the Sierra Negra region in southeastern Puebla, Mexico, in the case of Bromeliohyla dendroscarta this being the first observation of this species in 43 years. 

16 June 2018: Added a comment and modified the range statement of Dendoprophus columbianus (Hylidae) to reflect the publication of Ramírez-Chaves, Pisso-Florez, Liévano-Bonilla, Ayerbe-Quiñones, Anganoy-Criollo, and Noguera-Urbano, 2018, Herpetol. Notes, 11: 49–58, who discussed the range of the species in Colombia with new records and provided a dot map as well as a predicted distribution map. 

16 June 2018: Added a comment and modified the range statement for Rhinella ocellata (Bufonidae) to reflect the publication of Freitas, Santos, Amorim, and Almeida, 2018, Herpetol. Notes, 11: 17–18, who provided a record for the state of Bahia, Brazil, and mapped the known range. 

16 June 2018: Added a comment and modified the range statement for Ischnocnema penaxavantinho (Brachycephalidae) to reflect the publication of Del Prette, Cândido, Felberg, Françoso, and Brandão, 2018, Herpetol. Notes, 11: 133–135, who provided a new record for Minas Gerais, Brazil, and mapped the range. 

16 June 2018: Added a comment under Rhinella sebbeni (Bufonidae) noting the publication of Morais, Oliveira, Maciel, Zórtea, Silva, Vaz-Silva, and Lima-Ribeiro, 2018, Herpetol. Notes, 11: 197–199, who discussed the range and provided both a spot and predictive distribution maps. 

16 June 2018: Modified the range statement and added a comment under Arthroleptis krokosua (Arthroleptidae) to reflect the publication of Sandberger-Loua, Doumbia, and Rödel, 2018, Herpetol. Notes, 11: 271–273, who provided a record from the Nimba Mountains of southern Guinea and discussed the likely range of this extremely uncommon animal.  

16 June 2018: Added a comment under Ololygon longilinea (Hylidae) and modified the range statement to reflect the publication of Matavelli, Oliveira, Godoy, Ribeiro, and Bertoluci, 2018, Herpetol. Notes, 11: 281–283, who provided a record for the state of São Paulo, Brazil. 

16 June 2018: Added a comment under Trachycephalus imitatrix (Hylidae) and modified the range statement to reflect the publication of  Matavelli, Oliveira, Godoy, Ribeiro, and Bertoluci, 2018, Herpetol. Notes, 11: 353–355, who provided records for Minas Gerais, Brazil, and discussed the range. 

16 June 2018: Added a comment under Latonia nigriventer (Alytidae) noting the publication of Perl, Gafny, Malka, Renan, and Vences, 2018, Herpetol. Notes, 11: 475–480, who reported on post-metamorphic color pattern changes. 

15 June 2018: Resurrected Plethodon dixi (Plethodontidae) from the synonymy of Plethodon wehrlei and added comments noting the publication that made this change, Kuchta, Brown, and Highton, 2018, Zool. Scripta, 47: 285–299. 

15 June 2018: Added a comment under Anura, noting the publication by Streicher, Miller, Guerrero, Correa-Quezada, Ortiz, Crawford, Pie, and Wiens, 2018, Mol. Phylogenet. Evol., 119: 128–143, who discussed method of phylogenomic analysis and provided a new phylogeny of Hyloidea, as well as formulating several new above-family-group names: Neoaustrarana, Amazorana, Cornucopirana, and Commutibirana. 

15 June 2018: Added a comment under Lepidobatrachus (Ceratophryidae) noting the publication of Brusquetti, Netto, Baldo, and Haddad, 2018, Mol. Phylogenet. Evol., 123: 123–136, who discussed biogeography within the genus. 

15 June 2018: Resurrected Petropedetes newtonii (Petropedetidae) and revised the ranges of Petropedetes vulpiae and Petropedetes johnstoni to reflect the publication of Sánchez-Vialas, Calvo-Revuelta, Castroviejo-Fisher, and De la Riva, 2018, ZooKeys, 765: 59–78. 

15 June 2018: Added a comment under Ischnocnema parva (Brachycephalidae), noting the publication of. Andrade, Haga, and Giaretta, 2017, North-West. J. Zool., Romania, 13: 271–277, who described the calls from four localities, noting variation among the sites. 

15 June 2018: Added Lyciasalamandra flavimembris ilgazi (Salamandridae) to the synonymy of Lyciasalamandra flavimembris, named by Üzüm, Avci, Bozkurt, and Olgun, 2015, Turkish J. Zool., 39: 328–334, from Kötekli, Muğla Province, Turkey. 

15 June 2018: Added a comment under Lyciasalamandra flavimembris (Salamandridae) noting the publication of Göçmen and Kariş, 2017, North-West. J. Zool., Romania, 13: 49–57, who discussed morphological variation and provided new localities. 

14 June 2018: Added Gephyromantis (Duboimantis) saturnini and Gephyromantis (Duboimantis) grosjeani, named by Scherz, Rakotoarison, Ratsoavina, Hawlitschek, Vences, and Glaw, 2018, Alytes, 36: 135: 130–158, from, respectively, the eastern parcel of the Ampotsidy mountains, District de Bealanana, Région Sofia, northern Madagascar, and high elevation on the Sorata massif, District de Vohemar, Région Sava, northern Madagascar. 

14 June 2018: Added references to Speybroeck, Beukema, Bok, and Van Der Voort, 2016, Field Guide Amph. Rept. Brit. Eur.: 1–432, in the species accounts of the species of Europe. 

12 June 2018: Added Hemiphractus elioti and Hemiphractus kaylockae (Hemiphractidae), named by Hill, Martin, Stanley, and Mendelson, 2018, Zootaxa, 4429: 495–512, from, respectively, Cordillera de Talamanca and Serranía de Pirre, Panama. In addition to these segregates of former Hemiphractus fasciatus, Hemiphractus panamensis was resurrected for populations of the the provinsces of Colon and San Blas, Panama. The status of Hemiphractus fasciatus was discussed and suggested to be restricted to Ecuador and possibly Colombia, although the status of this binomial remains questionable. 

12 June 2018: Added Fejervarya kalinga and Fejervarya krishnan (Dicroglossidae), named by Raj, Dinesh, Das, Dutta, Kar, and Mohapatra, 2018, Rec. Zool. Surv. India, 118: 1–21, from, respectively, India, Odisha, Mahendragiri, Gajapati District, and India, Karnataka, Shimoga District, Jog Fall. Both provisionally placed in Minervarya based on the very recent paper by  Sanchez, Biju, Islam, Hasan, Ohler, Vences, and Kurabayashi, 2018, Salamandra, 54: 109–116. 

12 June 2018: Added Pseudopaludicola florencei (Leptodactylidae), named by Andrade, Haga, Lyra, Leite, Kwet, Haddad, Toledo, and Giaretta, 2018, Zootaxa, 4433: 71–100, from Andaraí, Chapada Diamantina, state of Bahia, Brazil. 

12 June 2018: Added Ololygon goya (Hylidae), named by Andrade, Santos, Rocha, Pombal, and Vaz-Silva, 2018, Zootaxa, 4425: 283–303, from Sítio d´Abadia municipalit, State of Goiás, Brazil".

3 June 2018: Minervarya (Dicroglossidae) was resurrected from the synonymy of Fejervarya (which record was revised) and the following species transferred from Fejervarya to Minervarya, following the revision of Sanchez, Biju, Islam, Hasan, Ohler, Vences, and Kurabayashi, 2018, Salamandra, 54: 109–116: Minervarya andamanensis, Minervarya asmati, Minervarya brevipalmata, Minervarya caperata, Minervarya cepfi, Minervarya chiangmaiensis, Minervarya chilapata, Minervarya dhaka, Minervarya gomantaki, Minervarya granosa, Minervarya greenii, Minervarya kadar, Minervarya keralensis, Minervarya kirtisinghei, Minervarya kudremukhensis, Minervarya manoharani, Minervarya modesta, Minervarya mudduraja, Minervarya murthii, Minervarya mysorensis, Minervarya neilcoxi, Minervarya nepalensis, Minervarya nilagirica, Minervarya parambikulamana, Minervarya pierrei, Minervarya rufescens, Minervarya sahyadris, Minervarya sauriceps, Minervarya sengupti, Minervarya syhadrensis Minervarya teraiensis, and Minevarya nicobariensis.

3 June 2018: Added Phasmahyla lisbella (Phyllomedusidae), named by Pereira, Rocha, Folly, Silva, and Santana, 2018, PeerJ, 6 (e4900): 1–22, from the Fazenda Ventania, Área de Protecão Ambiental Ventania, Miracema municipality, Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil. 

30 May 2018: Added Pseudopaludicola restinga (Leptodactylidae), named by Cardozo, Baldo, Pupin, Gasparini, and Haddad, 2018, PeerJ, 6 (e4766): 1–25, from near Fazenda Jacuhy, municipality of Serra, Espírito Santo State, Brazil.

30 May 2018: Added Sarcohyla hapsa (Hylidae), named by Campbell, Brodie, Caviedes-Solis, Nieto-Montes de Oca, Luja, Flores-Villela, García-Vázquez, Sarker, and Wostl, 2018, Zootaxa, 4422: 366–384, from "Mexico: Michoacán, Parque Nacional Uruapan, 1676 m". 

29 May 2018: Added Anomaloglossus meansi (Aromobatidae), named by Kok, Nicolaï, Lathrop, and MacCulloch, 2018, ZooKeys, 759: 99–116, from  Wokomung Massif, Potaro-Siparuni District, Guyana.

21 May 2018: Added a comment under Andrias davidianus (Cryptobranchidae) noting the publication of Yan, Lü, Zhang, Yuan, Zhao, Huang, Wei, Mi, Zou, Xu, Chen, Wang, Xie, Wu, Xiao, Liang, Jin, Wu, Xu, Tapley, Turvey, Papenfuss, Cunningham, Murphy, Zhang, and Che, 2018, Curr. Biol., 28: R590–R592, who provided molecular evidence that this nominal species is composed of several cryptic species, possibly as many as five, currently being mixed by the release of farm-raised animals likely resulting in species extinction via genetic homogenization. In the following article, also noted in the comment, Turvey, Chen, Tapley, Wei, Xie, Yan, Yang, Liang, Tian, Wu, Okada, Wang, Lü, Zhou, Papworth, Redbond, Brown, Che, and Cunningham, 2018, Curr. Biol., 28: R592–R594, document the decline and extirpation of many of these populations in the wild. 

21 May 2018: Added Craugastor gutschei (Craugastoridae), from Cerro de Texíguat, Cordillera Nombre de Dios, 1550 m elevation, department of Yoro, Honduras, and Craugastor castanedai, from a ridge above Quebrada de Oro, Cordillera Nombre de Dios, 1140 m elevation, department of Atlántida, Honduras, both named by McCranie, 2018, Herpetologica, 74: 169-180. 

21 May 2018: Added Hynobius tosashimizuensis (Hynobiidae), named by Sugawara, Watabe, Yoshikawa, and Nagano, 2018, Herpetologica, 74: 162, from Tosashimizu City, Kochi Prefecture, Shikoku, Japan. 

16 May 2018: Added Eleutherodactylus colimotl (Eleutherodactylidae) (type locality: 3.5 km N of the junction of Highway 54 and the road to Ixtlahuacán, on the Hwy 54 frontage road, Municipio de Tecomán, Colima, Mexico), Eleutherodactylus erendirae (type locality: Aparícuaro, Municipio de Tancítaro, Michoacán, Mexico), Eleutherodactylus floresvillelai (type locality: approximately 25 km E of the outskirts of Morelia, Municipio de Charo, Michoacán, Mexico), Eleutherodactylus jaliscoensis (type locality: between Mascota and San Sebastian del Oeste, 20.8 airline km NNW of Mascota, Sierra Mascota, Municipio de Mascota, elev. 2,037, Jalisco, Mexico), Eleutherodactylus manantlanensis (type locality: 13 km NE of Colima–Minatitlán highway on the road to El Terrero, Municipio de Minatitlán, Colima, Mexico), and Eleutherodactylus nietoi (type locality: 18 km NNE of Aquila on the road to Coalcomán de Vázquez-Pallares, Municipio de Chinicuila, Michoacán, Mexico), all named by Grünwald, Reyes-Velasco, Franz-Chávez, Morales-Flores, Ahumada-Carrillo, Jones, and Boissinot, 2018, Mesoam. Herpetol., 5: 7–83. 

15 May 2018: Added Gracixalus guangdongensis (Rhacophoridae), named by Wang, Zeng, Liu, and Wang, 2018, Zootaxa, 4420: 251–269, from Dawuling Forest Station (22°17′31.27″ N, 111°12′50.42″E; 1600 m a.s.l.) in Maoming City, Guangdong Province, China. 

15 May 2018: Added Microhyla kodial (Microhylidae), named by Vineeth, Radhakrishna, Godwin, Anwesha, Rajashekhar, and Aravind, 2018, Zootaxa, 4420: 151–179, from Baikampady, Mangaluru, Dakshina Kannada District, Karnataka, India.

15 May 2018: Added Caecilia museugoeldi (Caeciliidae), named by Maciel and Hoogmoed, 2018, Bol. Mus. Parense Emilio Goeldi, Cienc. Nat., 13: 13–18, from near Camp Patawa, West of Kaw, on the road to Kaw, district of Régina, French Guiana. 

14 May 2018: Added Amolops yunkaiensis (Ranidae), named by Lyu, Wang, Liu, Zeng, and Wang in Lyu, Wu, Wang, Sung, Liu, Zeng, Wang, Li, and Wang, 2018, Zootaxa, 4418: 562–576, from  Ehuangzhang Nature Reserve, Guangdong Province, China. 

13 May 2018: Added comments under Proceratophrys (Odontophrynidae) and Proceratophrys bigibbosa, noting the publication of Dias, 2018, Copeia, 106: 86–93, who reported on the larval morphology of Proceratophrys bigibbosa, noting synapomorphies of the Proceratophrys bigibbosa group. 

13 May 2018: Added Guibemantis milingilingy (Mantellidae), named by Bletz, Scherz, Rakotoarison, Lehtinen, Glaw, and Vences, 2018, Copeia, 106: 255–263, from northeastern Madagascar, Sava Region, Marojejy National Park, near the peak of the Marojejy Massif, 2026 m elevation. 

6 May 2018: Added Pristimantis caniari (Craugastoridae), named by Rámírez-Jaramillo, Reyes-Puig, Batallas-R., and Yánez-Muñoz, 2018, Avanc. Cienc. Ingen., Quito, Secc. B,, 10(18): 1–18, from Chacapata, near Laguna de Culebrillas, Parque Nacional Sangay, parroquia Juncal, cantón Cañar, provincia de Cañar, Ecuador.

6 May 2018: Added Pristimantis barrigai (Craugastoridae), named by Brito and Almendáriz C., 2018, Cuad. Herpetol., 32: 31–40, from Paquisha Alto (78°29’22.8”W; 3°53’58.8”S, 2100 m s.n.m.), parroquia Paquisha, cantón Paquisha, provincia de Zamora Chinchipe, República del Ecuador. 

3 May 2018: Added Pulchrana fantastica (Ranidae), named by Arifin, Cahyadi, Smart, Jankowski, and Haas, 2018, Raffles Bull. Zool., 66: 277–299, from Taman Buru Linge Isaq, Aceh Province, Sumatra, Indonesia.  

2 May 2018: Added Amolops wenshanensis (Ranidae), named by Yuan, Jin, Li, Stuart, and Wu, 2018, Zootaxa, 4415: 498–512, from Wenshan National Nature Reserve, near Pingzai village, Xichou County, Wenshan city, Yunnan Province, China. 

2 May 2018: Added comments under Phasmahyla cruzi (Phyllomedusidae) and Phasmachyla guttata noting the publication of Dias, Mongin-Aquino, Vera Candioti, Carvalho-e-Silva, and Baêta, 2018, S. Am. J. Herpetol., 13: 44–53, who reported on internal larval anatomy.  

2 May 2018: Added comments under Epipedobates darwinwallacei (Dendrobatidae) and Epipedobates, noting the publication of Dias, Anganoy-Criollo, Guayasamin, and Grant, 2018, S. Am. J. Herpetol., 13: 54–63, who discussed larval synapomorphies for the taxon and larval morphology of Epipedobates darwinwallacei.  

2 May 2018. Added a comment under Pseudopaludiscola canga (Leptodactylidae), noting the publication of Andrade, Ferreira, Takazone, Libório, and Weber, 2018, S. Am. J. Herpetol., 13: 64–72, who reported on larval morphology. 

2 May 2018: Placed Sphaenorhynchus orophilus (Hylidae) into the synonymy of Sphaenorhynchus platycephalus as executed by Araujo-Vieira, Caramaschi, Grillitsch, Grant, and Faivovich, 2018, S. Am. J. Herpetol., 13: 73–84, who discussed the identity of Sphaenorhynchus platycephalus. 

2 May 2018: Added comments under Brachycephalus olivaceus and Brachycephalus quiririensis (Brachycephalidae) noting the publication of Monteiro, Condez, Garcia, and Haddad, 2018, Zootaxa, 4415: 183–188, who reported on advertisement calls. 

2 May 2018: Added Leptobrachella macrops (Megophryidae), named by Duong, Do, Ngo, Nguyen, and Poyarkov, 2018, Zool. Res., Kunming, 39: 181–196, from Ea Ly and Ea Trol Commune border, Song Hinh District, Phu Yen Province, Vietnam. 

2 May 2018: Added Theloderma auratum (Rhacophoridae), named by Poyarkov, Kropachev, Gogoleva, and Orlov, 2018, Zool. Res., Kunming, 39: 156–180, from Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve, Gia Lai Province, Tay Nguyen Plateau, central Vietnam. 

1 May 2018: Added Megophrys feii (Megophryidae), named by Yang, Wang, and Wang, 2018, Zootaxa, 4413: 325–338, from Xiaolangsu Village, Tongbiguan Town, Yingjiang County, Yunnan Province, China, very near the border of Myanmar. 

1 May 2018: Added Fejervarya goemchi (Dicroglossidae), named by Dinesh, Kulkarni, Swamy, and Deepak, 2018 "2017", Rec. Zool. Surv. India, 117: 301–314, from Surla village, Goa, in the Western Ghats, India. 

24 April 2018: Following the discussions by Faivovich, Pereyra, Luna, Hertz, Blotto, Vásquez-Almazán, McCranie, Sánchez, Baêta, Araujo-Vieira, Köhler, Kubicki, Campbell, Frost, Wheeler, and Haddad, 2018, S. Am. J. Herpetol., 13: 1–36, discussed several topics within the genera of Hylini, including partitioning Ptychohyla into a redelimited Ptychohyla, and the new genera Atlantihyla and Quilticohyla, transferring Isthmohyla melacaena into Bromeliohyla, placing Anotheca and Diaglena into the synonymy of Triprion, and discussing whether the recognition of Dryophytes distinct from Hyla and the recognition of Sarcohyla distinct from Plectrohyla is worthwhile. 

24 April 2018: Added Vietnamophryne (Asterophryinae: Microhylidae), named by Poyarkov, Suwannapoom, Pawangkhanant, Aksornneam, Duong, Korost, and Che, 2018, Zool. Res., Kunming, 38(3): 1–26, to contain three newly discovered species from Thailand and Vietnam, also named in the same paper. The new species are: 1) Vietnamophryne inexpectata, named from Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve, Gia Lai Province, Tay Nguyen Plateau, central Vietnam; 2) Vietnamophryne occidentalis, named from Doi Tung Mountain, Pong Ngam District, Chiang Rai Province, northern Thailand; and 3) Vietnamophryne orlovi, named from the southern slopes of Phia Oac Mountain, Phia Oac-Phia Den National Park, Cao Bang Province, northern Vietnam. 

23 April 2018: Modified the range statement of Theloderma gordoni (Rhacophoridae) and added a comment under that species record noting the publication of Qi, Yu, Lei, Fan, Zhang, Dong, Li, Orlov, and Hou, 2018, Russ. J. Herpetol., 25: 43–55, who provided records from Yunnan, China, and a phylogenetic context for that species. 

21 April 2018: Added Pristimantis erythros (Craugastoridae), named by Sánchez-Nivicela, Celi-Piedra, Posse-Sarmiento, Urgilés, Yánez-Muñoz, and Cisneros-Heredia, 2018, ZooKeys, 751: 113–128, from Chanlud, parroquia Chiquintad, cantón Cuenca, provincial de Azuay, Ecuador. 

14 April 2018: Added Leptobrachella purpura and Leptobrachella yingianensis (Megophryidae), both named by Yang, Zeng, and Wang, 2018, PeerJ, 6(e4586): 1–32, from Jinzhuzhai Village, Tongbiguan Town, Yingjiang County, Yunnan Province, China. Originally named in Leptolalax, this genus was placed in the synonymy of Leptobrachella by Chen, Poyarkov, Suwannapoom, Lathrop, Wu, Zhou, Yuan, Jin, Chen, Liu, Nguyen, Nguyen, Duong, Eto, Nishikawa, Matsui, Orlov, Stuart, Brown, Rowley, Murphy, Wang, and Che, 2018, Mol. Phylogenet. Evol., 124: 162–171, shortly before the appearance of these two species descriptions.  

13 April 2018: Modified the range and added a comment under Craugastor marmoratus (Craugastoridae), noting the publication of Kok, Dezfoulian, Means, Fouquet, and Barrio-Amorós, 2018, Eur. J. Taxon., 397: 1–30, who amended the diagnosis, revised its range, and reported on its advertisement call, breeding ecology, and phylogenetic relationships. 

12 June 2018: Added comments under Allophrynidae and Centrolenidae noting the publication of Schmid, Steinlein, Feichtinger, and Bogart, 2014, Cytogenet. Genome Res., 142: 268–285, who reported on chromosome banding in these taxa. 

12 June 2018: Added a comment under Boana cordobae (Hylidae), noting the publication by Baraquet, Grenat, Salas, and Martino, 2015, Acta Ethol., 18: 79–86, reported on geographic variation in the advertisement all (as Hypsiboas cordobae). 

12 April 2018: Added comments under Ololygon (Hylidae) and Scinax, noting the publication of Gruber, Oliveira, Silva, Narimatsu, Haddad, and Kasahara, 2017, Comp. Cytogenet., 11: 267–283, who reported on the mechanism for karyologial differentiation of Ololygon and Scinax

12 April 2018: Added comments under Dendropsophus (Hylidae) and the members of the Dendropsophus marmoratus group noting the publication of Teixeira, Seger, Targueta, Orrico, and Lourenço, 2016, Comp. Cytogenet., 10: 753–767, who reported on the comparative karyotypes of members of the Dendropsophus marmoratus group. 

12 April 2018: Added a comment under Ololygon tripui (Hylidae) noting the publication of Peixoto, Oliveira, Feio, and Dergam, 2016, Comp. Cytogenet., 10: 505–516, who reported on karyological variation among populations. 

12 April 2018: Added a comment under Aplastodiscus leucopygius (Hylidae) noting the publication of Berneck, Segalla, and Haddad, 2017, Herpetol. Notes, 10: 351–254, who reported on amplexus behavior. 

12 April 2018: Added a comment under Sphaenorhynchus caramaschii (Hylidae) noting the publicaiton of Forti, Lingnau, and Bertoluci, 2017, Vert. Zool., Senckenberg, 67: 197–205, who reported on variation in the advertisement call. 

12 April 2018: Added a comment under Boana (Hylidae) noting the publication of Carvalho, Rodrigues, Siqueira, and Garcia, 2014, Genet. Mol. Res., 13: 7826–7838, reported on chromosomal evolution in the genus (as Hypsiboas). 

12 April 2018: Added a comment under Rhacophorus (Rhacophoridae) noting the publication of Pan, Zhang, Wang, Wu, Kang, Qian, Chen, Rao, Jiang, and Zhang, 2017, PeerJ, 5(e3995): 1–22, reported on the molecular phylogenetics and biogeography of the genus. 

12 April 2018: Added comments under the Sarawak Bufonidae (Ansonia spinulifer, Ingerophrynus divergens, Phrynoidis asper, P. juxtasper, Rentapia hosii, and Duttaphrynus melanostictus) to note the publication of Amram, Zainudin, and Wahid, 2018, Sains Malaysiana, 47: 1-7, who reported on the mating calls 

12 April 2018: Added comments under Pelophylax bedriagae (Ranidae) and Pelophylax ridibundus and modified the range of Pelophylax bedriagae to include Iraq and Iran, reflecting the publication of Pesarakloo, Rastegar-Pouyani, Rastegar-Pouyani, Kami, Najibzadeh, Khosravani, and Oraie, 2017, MtDNA, Part A, 28: 392–398, who provided mtDNA evidence that Pelophylax bedriagae extends into western Iran and that populations in Iran assigned to Pelophylax ridibundus likely represent and unnamed species. 

12 April 2018: Added Brachycephalus actaeus (Brachycephalidae), named by Monteiro, Condez, Garcia, Comitti, Amaral, and Haddad, 2018, Zootaxa, 4407: 485–505, from  the Serra da Palha, Laranjeiras, Ilha de São Francisco do Sul, municipality of São Francisco do Sul, state of Santa Catarina, Brazil.

11 April 2018: Added a comment under Aplastodiscus eugenioi (Hylidae), noting the publication of Miranda, Abrunhosa, and Silva, 2016, Tropical Conserv. Sci., 9: 338–353, reported on mating call in insular populations. 

11 April 2018: Added Phyllodytes praeceptor (Hylidae), named by Orrico, Dias, and Marciano, 2018, Zootaxa, 4407: 101–110, from the Serra da Jibóia municipality of Santa Terezinha and Elísio Medrado, State of Bahia, Brazil.

5 April 2018: Added Peltophryne armata (Bufonidae), named by Landestoy T., Turner, Marion, and Hedges, 2018, Zootaxa, 4403: 523–539, from 1.6 km SSW of Las Mercedes, Sierra de Bahoruco, 345 m elevation, Pedernales Province, Dominican Republic. 

5 April 2018: Added Hydromantes wintu and Hydromantes samweli (Plethodontidae), both cryptic isolates formerly considered parts of Hydromantes shastae and named from the vicinity of Shasta Lake, Shasta County, California, USA by Bingham, Papenfuss, Lindstrand, and Wake, 2018, Bull. Mus. Comp. Zool., 161: 403–427. 

3 April 2018: Added Kaloula ghoshi (Microhylidae), an Andaman Islands (India) endemic, recognized as distinct from Kaloula baleata by Chandramouli and Prasad, 2018, Tropical Nat. Hist., Thailand, 18: 40–53.

31 March 2018: Added a comment under Duttphrynus (Bufonidae) noting the publication of Pratihar, Bhattacharya, and Deuti, 2016, MtDNA, Part A, 27: 2881-2882, who reported on a 2-locus tree of the species of Duttphrynus from India. 

31 March 2018: Added a comment under Rana (Ranidae) and Rana maoershanensis, noting the publication of Zhou, Wang, Zhu, Li, Yang, and Ma, 2017, PLoS One, 12(4: e0175113): 1–15, who reported on the molecular systematics and biogeography of South China brown frogs. 

31 March 2018: Added a comment under Nanorana parkeri (Dicroglossidae) noting the publication of Liu, Wang, Fu, Hu, Xie, Liu, Zhang, and Li, 2015, Sci. Rep. (Nature, London), 5(9857): 1–9, who reported on mtDNA phylogeography. 

31 March 2018: Modified the range statement and added a comment under Gracixalus quyeti (Rhacophoridae) reflecting the publication of Egert, Luu, Nguyen, Le, Bonkowski, and Ziegler, 2017, Rev. Suisse Zool., 124: 47–51, who provided a record from Khammouane Province, central Laos, and who who noted that this population the Vietnam population east of the Annamite Range are almost identical morphologically, but do show some morphological differences. 

30 March 2018: Added a comment under Typhlonectidae noting the publication of Maciel, Sampaio, Hoogmoed, and Schneider, 2017, Zool. Scripta, 46: 255–263, who eported on the phylogenetics of the genera based on morphology and molecules. 

29 March 2018: Added a comment under Bufotes boulengeri (Bufonidae) noting the publication of Nicolas, Mataame, Crochet, Geniez, Fahd, and Ohler, 2018, J. Zool. Syst. Evol. Res., 56: 102–116, who reported on molecular phylogeography as Bufotes boulengeri boulengeri.  

29 March 2018: Added comments under Pipa pipa and Pipa snethlagae (Pipidae) noting the publication of Acosta-Galvis, Lasso, and Morales-Betancourt, 2016, Biota Colomb., 17: 105–116, who provided records from the Orinoco drainage of Colombia and cast doubt on the distinctiveness of these nominal species. 

29 March 2018: Added a comment under Myobatrachus gouldii (Myobatrachidae) noting the publication of Vertucci, Pepper, Edwards, Roberts, Mitchell, and Keogh, 2017, PLoS One, 12(3: e0173348): 1–18, who reported on natural history, range, and mtDNA biogeography suggesting five allopatric groups. 

29 March 2018: Added a comment under Rhacophorus catamitus (Rhacophoridae) noting the publication of O'Connell, Smith, Shaney, Arifin, Kurniawan, Sidik, and Fujita, 2018, Zool. Scripta, 47: 33–43, who suggested on the basis of coalescent analysis that three lineages exist within this nominal species. 

28 March 2018: Linked-out Chinese species records in Amphibian Species of the World to those of AmphibiaChina (  

28 March 2018: Added Odorrana arunachalensis (Ranidae), named by Saikia, Sinha, and Kharkongor, 2017, J. Bioresources, India, 4: 30–41, from Lower Subansiri District, Arunachal Pradesh, India. 

26 March 2018: Added a comment under Tylototriton (Salamandridae), noting the publication of Wang, Nishikawa, Matsui, Nguyen, Xie, Li, Khatiwada, Zhang, Gong, Mo, Wei, Chen, Shen, Yang, Xiong, and Jiang, 2018, PeerJ, 6(e4384): 1–29, who reported on molecular phylogenetics and biogeography of the species.  

25 March 2018: Added Pachytriton airobranchiatus (Salamandridae), named by Li, Yuan, Li, and Wu, 2018, Zootaxa, 4399: 207–219, from Mount Lianhua, Huidong County, Huizhou in Guangdong, China. 

25 March 2018: Added a comment under Ommatotriton (Salamandridae) noting the publication of van Riemsdijk, van Nieuwenhuize, Martínez-Solano, Arntzen, and Wielstra, 2018, Conserv. Genetics, 19: 249–254,who  reported on DNA phylogenetics of the species and noted a hybrid population introduced into Catalonia, Spain (now being eradicated). 

22 March 2018: Modified the range of Sylvirana nigrovittata (Ranidae), Sylvirana mortenseni, placed Sylvirana hekouensis and Sylvirana menglaensis into the synonymy of Sylvirana nigrovittata, and added Sylvirana montosa n. sp. (named from Laos, Khammouan Province, Boualapha District, Hin Nam No National Protected Area (formerly Hin Nam No National Biodiversity Conservation Area), Phou Khaonok Mountain), Sylvirana annamitica n. sp. (Laos, Khammouan Province, Nakai District, Nakai-Nam Theun National Protected Area (formerly Nakai-Nam Theun National Biodiversity Conservation Area), and Sylvirana malayana (named from Thailand, Surat Thani Province, Khao Sok National Park), Sylvirana roberti (named from Myanmar (Burma), Tanintharyi State, Dewei District, Yephyu Township, Tanintharyi Nature Reserve), Sylvirana lacrima (named from Myanmar, Chin State, Mindat District, Mindat Township, Hteen Chaung village), all by Sheridan and Stuart, 2018, PLoS One, 13(3: e0192766): 1–48. 

22 March 2018: Transferred all species of Leptolalax (Megophryidae) into Leptobrachella to reflect the publication of Chen, Poyarkov, Suwannapoom, Lathrop, Wu, Zhou, Yuan, Jin, Chen, Liu, Nguyen, Nguyen, Duong, Eto, Nishikawa, Matsui, Orlov, Stuart, Brown, Rowley, Murphy, Wang, and Che, 2018, Mol. Phylogenet. Evol., 124: 162–171, who reported on the molecular phylogenetics and biogeography of Leptolalax and Leptobrachella, showing the latter is imbedded in the former and therefore placed Leptolalax into the synonymy of Leptobrachella. The authors also noted a number of unnamed species and rejected the former subgenera of Leptolalax

21 March 2018: Added comments under Madecassophryne (Microhylidae) and Madecassophryne truebae, noting the publication of Rakotoarison, Scherz, Glaw, and Vences, 2017, Salamandra, 53: 507–518, who reported on molecular phylogenetics, morphology, osteology, acoustics, and natural history of a population identified as Madecassophryne cf. truebae

21 March 2018: Added Gephyromantis (Vatomantis) lomorina (Mantellidae), named by Scherz, Hawlitschek, Razafindraibe, Megson, Ratsoavina, Rakotoarison, Bletz, Glaw, and Vences, 2018, Zoosyst. Evol., 94: 247–261, from .Marojejy National Park, Sava Region, northeastern Madagascar.

20 March 2018: Added a comment under Pithecopus megacephalus (Phyllomedusidae), noting the publication of Ramos, Magalhães, Sari, Rosa, Garcia, and Santos, 2018, Conserv. Genetics, 19: 99–110, who reported on the conservation genetics and the isolated montane populations of this species. 

20 March 2018: Added a comment under Thoropa (Cycloramphidae) noting the publication of Sabbag, Lyra, Zamudio, Haddad, Feio, Leite, Gasparini, and Brasileiro, 2018, Mol. Phylogenet. Evol., 122: 142–156, who reported on molecular phylogenetics and biogeography of the genus and near relatives, suggesting on the basis of Bayesian inference that Thoropa is nonmonophyletic, Thoropa lutzi being closer to Cycloramphus + Zachaenus, and the remainder of Thoropa forming the sister taxon of that group. The authors also found Alsodidae to be nonmonophyletic, with Limnomedusa (currently provisionally in Alsodidae) to be the sister taxon of Odontophrynidae, although they did not make the taxonomic change. 

20 March 2018: Added a comment under Salamandridae noting the publication of Kieren, Sparreboom, Hochkirch, and Veith, 2018, Mol. Phylogenet. Evol., 121: 98–109, who reported on molecular phylogenetics and the evolution of reproductive behavior. 

20 March 2018: Added a comment under Pleurodeles (Salamandridae) and its constituent species noting the publication of Escoriza and Ben Hassine, 2017, Zootaxa, 4237: 587–592, who compared the larval morphology of Pleurodeles nebulosus, Pleurodeles waltl, and Pleurodeles poireti. 

18 March 2018: Added comments under Bufo spinosus (Bufonidae) and Bufo bufo, noting the publication of Arntzen, McAtear, Butôt, and Martínez-Solano, 2018, Amphibia-Reptilia, 39: 41–50, who reported on the molecular signatures of a hybrid zone between Bufo bufo and Bufo spinosus from the Atlantic coast near Caen, France, to the Mediterranean coast near Savona, Italy.

17 March 2018: Added a comment under Kurixalus (Rhacophoridae) noting the publication of Lv, He, Klaus, Brown, and Li, 2018, Mol. Phylogenet. Evol., 121: 224–232, who reported on molecular phylogenetics and biogeography of the species. 

17 March 2018: Modified the range statement to include Colombia and added a comment under Leptodactylus validus (Leptodactylidae) to reflect the publication of Acosta-Galvis and de Sá, 2018, ZooKeys, 737: 113–123, described the range in Colombia, discussed the call and life history and provided a range map for the entire species. 

17 March 2018: Added a comment under Leptopelis natalensis (Arthroleptidae), noting the publication of Schweiger, Harvey, Otremba, Weber, and Müller, 2017, Acta Herpetol., Firenze, 12: 125–132, discussed larval morphology and noted variation and inconsistencies in previous literature. 

16 March 2018: Added  Fejervarya jhilmilensis (Dicroglossidae), named by Bahuguna, 2018, Biosystematica, 10: 11–23, from "INDIA: Haridwar ,Uttarakhand,Conservation area:Jhilmil Jheel (Compartment 7b) 29°48’45.1″ N, 78°11’16.4″ E, 255 m". 

15 March 2018: Added comments under Odontophrynus cordobae (Odontophrynidae) and Odontophrynus americanus, noting the natural triploids found in the hybrid zone as described by Grenat, Salas, Pollo, Otero, Baraquet, Sinsch, and Martino, 2018, Amphibia-Reptilia, 39: 1–10. 

15 March 2018: Added a comment under Bokermannohyla ibitiguara (Hylidae) noting the publication of Turin, Nali, and Prado, 2018, Amphibia-Reptilia, 39: 31–39, who reported on intraspecific call variation. 

15 March 2018: Added a comment under Elachistocleis matogrosso (Microhylidae) noting the publication of Pansonato, Mudrek, Nunes, and Strüssmann, 2018, Salamandra, 54: 92–96, describing advertisement calls. 

15 March 2018: Added a comment under Limnomedusa macroglossa (Alsodidae) noting the publication of Guerra, Lingnau, Barreto, Kwet, and Bastos, 2018, Salamandra, 54: 97–100, who reported on vocalization. 

15 March 2018: Added a comment under Leptobrachium hendricksoni (Megophryidae) noting the publication of Draškić, Wangkulangkul, Martínez-Solano, and Vörös, 2018, Amphibia-Reptilia, 39: 99–111, who suggested on the basis of molecular analysis that nominal Leptobrachium hendricksoni is divided into four lineages: a) southern Thailand (Titiwangsa and Nakhon si Thammarat ranges); b) northeasst Malaysia ( Banjaran Pantai Timur range), c) Sumatra, d) Peninsular Malaysia, of which they considered A and B to be conspecific and C and D to be different, but unnamed species.  

15 March 2018: Added comments where appropriate noting the publication of Zhang, Zhang, Yu, Storey, and Zheng, 2018, BMC Evol. Biol., 18(26): 1–13, reported on a molecular phylogeny of Dicroglossidae, largely confirming previous conclusions although adding substantially more evidence. These authors confirmed the synonymy of Feirana with Nanorana, discussed novel gene rearrangements in Nanorana taihangnica and Nanorana yunnanensis and suggested that Quasipaa robertingeri may be synonymous with Quasipaa boulengeri.   

15 March 2018: Added a comment and modified the range statement of Uperodon globulosus (Microhylidae) to reflect the publication of Rahman, Alam, and Rabbe, 2018, Check List, 14: 277–280, who provided a record for Rajshahi Division, Bangladesh. 

15 March 2018: Added a comment and modified the range statement of Centrolene heloderma (Centrolenidae) to reflect the publication of Krynak, Wessels, Imba, and Lyons, 2018, Check List, 14: 261–265, who provided a new record from Pichincha Province, Ecuador, and discussed apparently extinct populations and current threats. 

15 March 2018: Added a comment and modified the range statement of Alsodes vanzolinii (Alsodidae) to reflect the publication of Puente-Torres, Barceló, and Simonetti, 2017, Check List, 13(6): 813–816, who reported the species in Tregualema, Maule Region, Chile, in pine plantations. 

15 March 2018: Added a comment and modified the range statement of Rhinella poepiggii (Bufonidae) to reflect the publication of Venâncio, Freitas, Abegg, and Kokubum, 2017, Check List, 13(6): 747–750, reported the species from Assis, Acre, Brazil, and discussed the range. 

15 March 2018: Added a comment under and modified the range statement of Boana pugnax (Hylidae) to reflect the publication of Escalona, Prieto-Torres, and Rojas-Runjaic, 2017, Check List, 13(5): 671–681, who provided new records for Venezuela and mapped the entire range in Panama, Colombia, and Venezuela. 

15 March 2018: Added a comment under and modified the range statment of Boana wavrini (Hylidae) to reflect the publication of Acosta-Galvis and Rojas-Murcia, 2017, Check List, 13(5): 663–670, who provided new records for the Colombian llanos and discussed the documented range. 

15 March 2018: Added a comment under and modified the range statment of Boana alfaroi (Hylidae) reflecting the publication of Carvalho, Bang, Teixeira, and Giaretta, 2017, Check List, 13(4): 135–139, provided the record from Assis, Acre, Brazil, on the Peruvian border. 

15 March 2018: Added a comment under and modified the range statement of Gastrotheca testudinea (Hemiphractidae) reflecting the publication of Urgilés, Sánchez-Nivicela, and Cisneros-Heredia, 2017, Check List, 13(4): 121–125, who provided notes on the distribution in Ecuador. 

14 March 2018: Modified the range statements for Ichthyophis khumzhi and Ichthyophis moustakius (Ichthyophiidae) to reflect the extensions to the state of Mizoram by Chaitanya, Lalremsanga, and Giri, 2017, Check List, 13(4): 101–105. 

14 March 2018: Modified the range statement of Hyalinobatrachium fleischmanni (Centrolenidae) to reflect the publication of Cruz, Urgilés, Sánchez-Nivicela, Siddons, and Cisneros-Heredia, 2017, Check List, 13(4): 67–70, who provided records for western and southwestern Ecuador and discussed the overall range. 

14 March 2018: Modified the range statement of Pristimantis uisae (Craugastoridae) to reflect the publication of Ramírez, 2017, Check List, 13(4): 25–30, who provided new records, a dot map, and discussion of the geographical and ecological distribution. 

14 March 2018: Added a comment under Strabomantis ingeri (Craugastoridae) noting the publication of Meneses-Pelayo, Chinchilla-Lemus, and Ramírez-Pinilla, 2017, Check List, 13(4): 17–20, where a number of new localities and and a range map were provided. 

14 March 2018: Added a comment under Bombina orientalis (Bombinatoridae), noting the publication of Borzée, Groffen, and Seliger, 2018, Herpetol. Rev., 49: 69, who provided specific localities in Dem. Rep. Korea and discussed earlier records. 

14 March 2018: Modified the range statement for Adenomera cotuba (Leptodactylidae) to reflect the publication of Oliveira, Freitas, Lima, Pires, and De-Carvalho, 2018, Herpetol. Rev., 49: 69, who reported the species in Bahia, Brazil. 

14 March 2018: Placed Pristimantis flavobracatus into the synonymy of Pristimantis cruciocularis (Craugastoridae) and added Pristimantis cruciocularis and Pristimantis antisuyu, both named from Distrito Kosñipata, Provincia Paucartambo, Región Cusco, Peru, by Catenazzi and Lehr, 2018, Zootaxa, 4394: 185–206.  

14 March 2018: Moved Bufo brasiliensis Laurenti, 1768, out of the synonymy of Rhinella marina (Bufonidae) to status as a nomen dubium under Anura, consistent with the publication of Valencia-Zuleta, Caramaschi, and Maciel, 2018, Zootaxa, 4392: 598–600. 

13 March 2018: Added a comment under Teratohyla midas (Centrolenidae) and modified the range statement to reflect the publication of Araújo, Pansonato, Oliveira, Morais, Carvalho, and Ávila, 2018, Check List, 14: 303-308, who reported on advertisement call and provided new records from Brazil, including providing a map.   

10 March 2018: Ecuador species records now link out to FaunaWebEcuador: Anfibios del Ecuador ( 

10 March 2018: Added Sumaterana (Ranidae), a new genus of torrent-dwelling frogs, type species being Rana crassiovis, as well as two new species Sumaterana montana and Sumaterana dabulescens, all named by Arifin, Smart, Hertwig, Smith, Iskandar, and Haas, 2018, Zoosyst. Evol., 94: 163–193, who discussed the gastromyzophorous tadpole and provided molecular evidence for their monophyly. 

9 March 2018: Placed Phrynopus curator and Phrynopus nicoleae into the synonymy of Phrynopus tribulosus, following the publication by von May, Lehr, and Rabosky, 2018, PeerJ, 6(e4313): 1–27, who reported on molecular phylogenetics of the group and found evidence of monophyly. 

9 March 2018: Modified the range statement of Dendropsophus haraldschultzi (Hylidae) to reflect the records from Amapá and Pará, Brazil, provided by Missassi, Costa-Campos, Lima, and Lambertini, 2017, Herpetol. Notes, 10: 703–707, who also provided a dot map of the range of the entire species. 

8 March 2018: Added Buergeria otai (Rhacophoridae), named by Wang, Hsiao, Lee, Tseng, Lin, Komaki, and Lin, 2018 "2017", PLoS One, 12(9: e0184005): 1-23 (plus online correction), from Taiwan, Pingdong County. 

8 March 2018: Added Phrynobatrachus tanoeensis (Phrynobatrachidae), named by Kpan, Kouamé, Barej, Adeba, Emmrich, Boateng, and Rödel, 2018, Zootaxa, 4388: 221–237, from the Tanoé-Ehy Swamp Forest, Ivory Coast. 

7 March 2018: Added a comment under Amnirana (Ranidae), noting the molecular biogeography by Jongsma, Barej, Barratt, Burger, Conradie, Ernst, Greenbaum, Hirschfeld, Leaché, Penner, Portik, Zassi-Boulou, Rödel, and Blackburn, 2018, Mol. Phylogenet. Evol., 120: 274–285, and cleaned up range statements for the African species based on information in this paper. 

6 March 2018: Added Nasutixalus yingjiangensis (Rhacophoridae), named by Yang and Chan, 2018, Zootaxa, 4388: 191–206, from Tongbiguan Town, Yingjiang County, Yunnan Province, China.

6 March 2018: Added Choerophryne bickfordi (Microhylidae), named by Kraus, 2018, Proc. Biol. Soc. Washington, 131: 53–60, from 7 km north of Wabo, Gulf Province, Papua New Guinea. 

6 March 2018: Added Physalaemus carrizorum (Leptodactylidae), named by Cardozo and Pereyra, 2018, Zootaxa, 4387: 580–590, from Departamento Guaraní, Misiones province, Argentina".

6 March 2018: Added Allobates juami (Aromobatidae), named by Simões, Gagliardi-Urrutia, Rojas-Runjaic, and Castroviejo-Fisher, 2018, Zootaxa, 4387: 109–133, from an area of terra-firme forest on the east bank of the Juami River, within Estação Ecológica Juami-Japurá, State of Amazonas, Brazil.

6 March 2018: Added Leptolalax rowleyae (Megophryidae), named by Nguyen, Poyarkov, Le, Vo, Ninh, Duong, Murphy, and Sang, 2018, Zootaxa, 4388: 1–21, from Da Nang City, Vietnam. 

6 March 2018: Added Psychrophrynella glauca (Craugastoridae), named by Catenazzi and Ttito, 2018, PeerJ, 4444: 1–18, from near Thiuni, Distrito Ollachea, Provincia Carabaya, Department of Puno, Peru.

24 February 2018: Added Siamophryne troglodytes (Microhylidae), new genus and species, named by Suwannapoom, Sumontha, Tunprasert, Ruangsuwan, Pawangkhanant, Korost, and Poyarkov, 2018, PeerJ, 4422: 1-42, from a limestone cave in Sai Yok District, Kanchanaburi Province, western Thailand, elevation 440 m elevation. 

23 February 2018: Added Rhacophorus hoabinhensis (Rhacophoridae), named by Nguyen, Pham, Nguyen, Ninh, and Ziegler, 2017, Asian Herpetol. Res., 8: 221–234, named from near Hang Kia Village, elevation of 1350 m, Hang Kia Commune, Mai Chau District, Hoa Binh Province, Vietnam.  

23 February 2018: Added a comment under Proceratophrys branti (Odontophrynidae) noting the publication of Andrade, Rocha, and Vaz-Silva, 2018, Zootaxa, 4379: 445–447, who reported on the advertisement call. 

23 February 2018: Added a comment under Dendropsophus cruzi (Hylidae), noting the publication of Andreani, Oliveira, Guerra, Bastos, and Morais, 2018, Zootaxa, 4379: 137–139, who reported on the aggressive call in the species. 

23 February 2018: Added Hyperolius stictus (Hyperoliidae), named by Conradie, Verburgt, Portik, Ohler, Bwong, and Lawson, 2018, Zootaxa, 4379: 177–198, named from northeastern Mozambique. 

23 February 2018: Added Uperodon rohani (Microhylidae), named by Garg, Senevirathne, Wijayathilaka, Phuge, Deuti, Manamendra-Arachchi, Meegaskumbura, and Biju, 2018, Zootaxa, 4384: 1–81, from Mihintale, Anuradhapura district, Sri Lanka. All previous records of Uperodon variegata now apply to this species. These authors revised the genus, provided multiple neotype and lectotype designations, and redelimited the known ranges of several of the species. 

22 February 2018: Added Hyloscirtus japreria (Hylidae), named by Rojas-Runjaic, Infante-Rivero, Salerno, and Meza-Joya, 2018, Zootaxa, 4382: 121–146, from the Sierra de Perijá, Machiques de Perijá municipality, Zulia state, Venezuela, and recorded in adjacent Colombia. The authors also provided phylogeneetic evidence to place Colomascirtus into the synonymy of Hyloscirtus

21 February 2018: Added a comment under Cophomantinae (Hylidae) noting the publication of Ferro, Cardozo, Suárez, Boeris, Blasco-Zuñiga, Barbero, Gomes, Gazoni, Costa, Nagamachi, Rivera, Parise-Maltempi, Wiley, Pieczarka, Haddad, Faivovich, and Baldo, 2018, PLoS One, 13(2: e0192861): 1–29, who reported on the chromosome evolution within the tribe Cophomantini. 

20 February 2018: Added Scinax ruberoculatus (Hylidae), named by Ferrão, Fraga, Moravec, Kaefer, and Lima, 2018, PeerJ, 6(e: 4321): 1–34, from Nascentes do Lago Jari National Park, municipality of Tapauá, Amazonas State, Brazil.

13 February 2018: Added Anomaloglossus blanci (Aromobatidae) and Anomaloglossus dewynteri, named by Fouquet, Vacher, Courtois, Villette, Reizine, Gaucher, Jairam, Ouboter, and Kok, 2018, Zootaxa, 4379: 1–23, from, respectively northeastern Surinam and Mont Itoupé, French Guiana. These authors also rediagnosed Anomaloglossus surinamensis and Anomaloglossus degranvillei.  

13 February 2018: Modified the range statement and added a comment to the Hemiphractus scutatus (Hemiphractidae) record, noting the pubication of Moraes and Pavan, 2018, Amph. Rept. Conserv., 12(1: e51): 5–14, who provided records from Pará, Brazil, and provided a spot map of the species. 

13 February 2018: Added Ansonia phuketensis (Bufonidae) and Ansonia pilokensis, named by Matsui, Khonsue, and Panha, 2018, Zool. Sci., Tokyo, 35: 39–48, from, respectively, from Kathu Waterfall, Phuket Island, Phuket Province, and Pilok Subdistrict, Thong Pha Phum National Park, Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand. 

9 February 2018: Added comments under Pithecopus azurea (Phyllomedusidae) and Pithecopus oreades reflecting the publication of Santos, Morais, Signorelli, Bastos, Feio, and Nomura, 2017, Herpetologica, 74: 50–57, who reported on the internal oral morphology of the larva of Pithecopus oreades and the general larval morphology of Pithecopus azurea.  

9 February 2018: Added Fritziana izecksohni (Hemiphractidae), named by Folly, Hepp, and Carvalho-e-Silva, 2018, Herpetologica, 74: 58–72. from the Serra do Órgãos,, municipality of Teresópolis, state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

9 February 2018: Added a comment under Centrolene notostictum (Centrolenidae) noting the publication by Viuche-Lozano, Enciso-Calle, and Bernal-Bautista, 2018, Zootaxa, 4377: 575–576, which reported on the advertisement call and provided a record for Tolima, Colombia. 

9 February 2018: Added a comment under Dendropsophus novaisi (Hylidae), noting the publication by Ruas, Mira-Mendes, and Del Grande, 2018, Zootaxa, 4375: 296–300, which reported on larval morphology and natural history. 

7 February 2018: Added a comment and reorganized the comments under Scutiger occidentalis and Scutiger nyingchiensis (Megophryidae) to reflect the publicaiton of Hofmann, Stöck, Zheng, Ficetola, Li, Scheidt, and Schmidt, 2017, Sci. Rep. (Nature, London),  7 (3308,DOI:10.1038/s41598-017-03395-4): 1–12, who provided molecular evidence for the systematics and biogeography of the genus Scutiger as well as the taxonomic distinctiveness of Scutiger occidentalis and Scutiger nyingchiensis.  

25 January 2018: Added Phrynobatrachus afiabirago (Phrynobatrachidae), named by Ofori-Boateng, Leaché, Obeng-Kankam, Kouamé, Hillers, and Rödel, 2018, Zootaxa, 4374: 565–578, from Atewa Range, Ghana. 

25 January 2018: Added Limnonectes coffeatus (Dicroglossidae), named by Phimmachak, Sivongxay, Seateun, Yodthong, Rujirawan, Neang, Aowphol, and Stuart, 2018, Zootaxa, 4375: 325–340, from Laos, Champasak Province, Pakxong District, Bolaven Plateau, Dong Hua Sao National Protected Area.

24 January 2018: Added Chiasmocleis parkeri (Microhylidae), named by Almendáriz C., Brito-M., Batallas-R., Vaca-Guerrero, and Ron, 2017, Pap. Avulsos Zool., São Paulo, 57: 119–136, from Zamora Chinchipe, Ecuador. 

24 January 2018: Placed Rhacophorus maximus (Rhacophoridae) into the synonymy of Rhacophorus smaragdinus, following the publication of Ohler and Deuti, 2018, Zootaxa, 4375: 273–280. 

21 January 2018: Added Cornufer exedrus (Ceratobatrachidae), named by Travers, Richards, Broadhead, and Brown, 2018, Zootaxa, 4370: 23–44, from the Nakanai Mountains, East New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea. 

20 January 2018: Redelimited Dendropsophus parviceps (Hylidae) to not include Bolivia, and added Dendropsophus kubricki and Dendropsophus kamagarini, from, respectively, northern Amazonian Peru and adjacent Brazil, and southern Amazonian Peru, adjacent Brazil and Amazonian Bolivia, following the revision of the Dendropsophus parviceps complex by Rivadeneira, Venegas, and Ron, 2018, ZooKeys, 726: 25–77. 

20 January 2018: Added Austrochaperina rudolpharndti (Microhylidae), named by Günther, 2017, Vert. Zool., Senckenberg, 67: 207–222, from the Wondiwoi Mountains at the base of Wandammen Peninsula, border Papua Barat and Papua Provinces of Indonesia. Austrochaperina punctata Van Kampen, 1913, found in the Manikion Region of Papua Province, Indonesia, was resurrected from the synonymy of Austrochaperina macrorhyncha, which was redelimited. 

5 January 2018: Added comments under Epipedobates narinensis (Dendrobatidae) and Epipedobates boulengeri, noting the publication of Anganoy-Criollo and Cepeda-Quilindo, 2017, Phyllomedusa, 16: 155–182, who redescribed the larvae. 

5 January 2018: Added Elachistocleis corumbaensis (Microhylidae), named by Piva, Caramaschi, and Albuquerque, 2017, Phyllomedusa, 16: 143–154, from the Parque Municipal de Piraputangas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, but expected to have a wider range, possibly extending into adjacent Bolivia. 

5 January 2018: Added  Bryophryne mancoinca (Craugastoridae), named by Mamani, Catenazzi, Ttito, Mallqui, and Chaparro, 2017, Phyllomedusa, 16: 129–141, from Hornopampa sector, near Salkantay Mountain, along the road to the Archeological Complex of Choquequirao, 3707 m elevation, Distrito Santa Teresa, Provincia La Convención, Departamento Cusco, Peru. 

4 January 2018: Added Phrynopus inti (Craugastoridae), named by Lehr, von May, Moravec, and Cusi, 2017, ZooKeys, 713: 131–157, from the vicinity of Pui Pui Protected Forest, , Provincia Satipo, Región Junín, Peru. 

1 January 2018: The holotype of Hynobius stejnegeri was found by Matsui, Nishikawa, and Tominaga, 2017, Zool. Sci., Tokyo, 34: 538–545, to be conspecific with what is currently known as Hynobius yatsui, this necessitating a new name for the species formerly known as Hynobius stejnegeri, the name Hynobius ikioi being provided by Matsui, Nishikawa, and Tominaga, 2017, Zool. Sci., Tokyo, 34: 538–545, who explained the situation in detail and provided substantial information about the species. In sum, what was Hynobius stejnegeri in this catalogue prior to 2018 is now Hynobius ikioi; what was known as Hynobius yatsui is now Hynobius stejnegeri

1 January 2018: Added Pristimantis yantzaza (Craugastoridae), named by Valencia, Dueñas, Székely, Batallas-R., and Pulluquitín, 2017, Zootaxa, 4353: 447–466, from La Zarza, Los Encuentros, Yantzaza, 1478 m elevation), Zamora Chinchipe province, Ecuador.  

1 January 2018: Added a comment under Dendropsophus minutus (Hylidae) noting the publication of Oyamaguchi, Oliveira, and Smith, Biol. J. Linn. Soc., 120: 363–370, who reported on body size variation across the Amazon–Cerrado gradient.  

1 January 2018: Added Microkayla huayna (Craugastoridae), named by De la Riva, Cortez F., and Burrowes, 2017, Zootaxa, 4363: 350–360, from Valle de Zongo, Province Murillo, Departament La Paz, Bolivia.  

1 January 2018: Added Chiropterotriton chico (Plethodontidae), named by García-Castillo, Rovito, Wake, and Parra-Olea, 2017, Zootaxa, 4363: 489–505, from El Chico National Park, Hidalgo, Mexico. 

1 January 2018: Modified the range statement and added a comment under Desmognathus monticola (Plethodontidae) reflecting the publication of Bush, Guzy, Halloran, Swartwout, Kross, and Willson, 2017, Copeia, 2017: 678–688, who reported on an introduced population in Benton County, extreme southwestern Missouri, USA, on Spavinaw Creek. 

1 January 2018: Modified the range statement and added a comment under Arthroleptis troglodytes (Arthroleptidae) reflecting the publication of Becker and Hopkins, 2017, Afr. Zool., 52: 183–187, who rediscovered the species after 54 years and reported on color in life, call, morphology, and habitat. 

1 January 2018: Added comments under Tylototriton (Salamandridae) and Tylototriton yangi to note the publication of Wang, Yuan, Zhong, Li, and Verrell, 2017, Amph. Rept. Conserv., 11(2): 33–43, who discussed the reproductive biology of Tylototriton yangi within the comparative context of the Tylototriton verrucosus group.